Just slap me round the head

Seriously if I ever again commit to blogging every day for a set length of time will one of whack me round the noggin with a decorative gourd.

Needless to say I didn’t post yesterday because I didn’t feel too well at all and after being out from 9:00 and getting back around 15ish I was too pooped to move off the settee when I got home.  B actually had to put on his carer hat and assist me in getting undressed for a shower – now there’s something that technically should be fun.

I got some Amoxiclav and had various wee, blood and blood culture tests.

I do feel marginally better today but a good way from right.  However my Auntie Ann phone a short time ago to say the Royal had rung her as they couldn’t get us and they have a bed ready for me as something showed up in the blood culture and I need some IV antibiotics.

I did also feel sick yesterday and fortunately asked for some bowls before leaving as no sooner had I got in B’s car, my Uncle Ray having dropped me off, then I threw up and managed it again before we got home.  B did say I looked unwell so this must be the reason he didn’t at any point say ‘Don’t get any on the car.’

13 responses to “Just slap me round the head

  1. Lisa Maxwell

    Hope you are soon feeling better, Paula!

  2. Oh, Paula … no slapping round the head from me. You’re dealing with enough already! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so poorly. I do hope the IV antibiotics send that infection packing and you’re soon feeling better.

  3. Okay girl, time for you to get well and back to being the energizer bunny! Seriously, we are praying that these antibiotics kick your infection to the curb and you will be home in no time! I’m sure Buddy needs a nice long walk with you. Get well soon!

  4. Prayers of healing coming you way. May you be your perky self soon. Sorry you are having trouble at time. Get well, take the bed and sleep!!!:)

  5. Mmmmmmmmm. A “decorative” gourd, you say? Best not say anything too silly until I can secure one.


  6. Gee Paula, so sorry you’ve got a ‘tich of sompin’ and hope you are feeling much, much better by the time you read this and I am intending it… for the highest and best good and putting a bit of Reiki in the mix so you are ready for the Big Event! Depending on you to give us a full report of it!!

  7. Hope the IV antibiotics do the trick, Paula! Feel better soon.

  8. I will need a letter from your parents if you think you are getting out of it young lady.

  9. So sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly. Hope you feel better real soon!!!!!
    Healing vibes coming at ya from Jersey!!!

  10. Oh Paula! I just cracked up, because I scrolled down from your tale of vomit to an advert for coco pops “chocolatey taste and high in fibre”… and inevitably imagined that one had led to the other and perhaps Mr K.Log needs to rethink his product placement! Be well!

  11. Hugs from your buddy in Florence…Feel better soon!

  12. Great blog Feresa! Just wanted to say you made CureTalk’s top 10 MM blog list!


    Cheers and hope you feel better!
    – Kim

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