Prickly positions

If at all possible I go to Armchair Yoga and pre Yoga lunch on a Tuesday however today as I still have the sniffles I had to forego it so after walking Bud, crocheting and watching Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (which produced extra sniffles and copious amounts of snot) I decided to do some gardening.  Well, not so much gardening as making a start by cutting out anything prickly eg, brambles…

(yes I know me peony’s pooped – the flowers started to open just at the time of the recent high winds and there were so many buds this year too – 26 in all)

and nettles…

which resulted in me getting nettled in an awkward spot.  Let’s just say that if the shed door had blown open whilst I was rubbing said spot with a crushed dock leaf it would have been embrassing for all concerned.

And here, courtesy of a friend who called round tonight and not B, is a pic of my latest hair cut…

Bud was in the photo too but my top seemed to be hanging funny* making it appear as if I had a roll of fat so it got edited!
*Yes that is my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

3 responses to “Prickly positions

  1. Love the new haircut Paula Pixie !! x

  2. Sandy Banks

    I think the new cut is endearing… and good job on all that clearing out in the garden!!

  3. Too cool for school! And don’t you look YOUNG?! ; )

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