Crochet Club Tuesday – March Madness

I was intending on posting a picture of my Crochet Club 2011 progress stating that I’d finished the March instructions and wasn’t I good for doing that, etc, etc and then I realised that although I have finished the crochet bit of March there’s some sewing together to do – DOH!  DOUBLE DOH as it means I HAVE to weave some of those 60,000 loose ends in.

So here’s the crochet bit, which was photographed with the aid of my trusty assistant…

Speaking, or even typing, of ends I had my hair cut today.  It stopped thinning after the second lot of Doxorubicin.  Fortunately it had come back thicker than before my SCT so I could afford to lose some.  Since we have a very, very important event to go next week I thought I’d get it cut by a professional in a salon rather than me in the garage with the clippers – uh, that sounds like a solution from Cluedo.  I’ll post a pic tomorrow if I can get B to take a half decent one, Bud’s finding it a bit tricky to hold the camera AND press the button at the same time.

4 responses to “Crochet Club Tuesday – March Madness

  1. Sandy Banks

    Are you going to be The Photographer for the Big Event? Can we count on you to share some with us hanger-ons who cannot go? I will be intending that all goes well for all attending and participating… including the weather!!!

  2. Paula, at least Bud is willing to hold the camera. Milo refuses to! The most he is willing to do is be the subject of a picture. Our best to you from hot Wake Forest, NC.

  3. Pip would’t be assisting – she’s a saboteur and would be sprawled across your crochet shedding fur the whole time! Bud is so good!!!

    Don’t envy you all those ends – seems like doing the project in instalments increases the sewing ….there’s something wrong with that!!

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