Let’s get to the point

When pondering a big decision isn’t aided by knitting a tea cosy what’s the next logical step?  Well it would appear it’s to do something that has crossed my mind several times since getting the material for the bedroom curtains (which I still haven’t finished).  Having three slightly cream walls and a very, very, very slight shade of brown on the fourth it did cross my mind that the white bed linen I’d bought previously would go well with the curtains but neither would complement the emulsion.  So on Thursday I suggested to B that we redecorate the whole house.  Now I anticipated some sort of protest, to be honest I anticipated a significant amount of protest and the response I got was…

‘That would mean covering up the things (stencilled squares and diamonds) you put on the walls.  Would you not mind?’

Just when you think you know your husband he pulls a stunt like that!

Bearing in mind that I did all the decorating previously, well not wallpapering – I tired that twice, the dislike was mutual.  I moved all the furniture and made the soft furnishings, the only involvement B had was taking me to and from the shops where he may or may not be involved in making a decision.  Let’s face it there’s only so many times men, well most men, can look at a selection of colours called The Maine Collection featuring shades that are so subtly different from off white as to be barely perceptible to the naked eye, before blurting out ‘They all look the same! JUST PICK ONE!’  So B’s reaction surprised me purely because he will have to be more involved this time round.

Now one of the things I’ve wanted for a long time is a new banister.  Our current one started off mahogany and became white.  One of the things B did get involved in previously was painting some ceilings – he’s 6’ 2” so he was perfect for the job.  One of the ceilings he painted was the hall/dining room.  This ceiling is over (barely) the banister.  Despite ME getting ear ache from his mother eg. ‘You must remember to cover the banister!’ ‘Yes, because I’ve never painted anything before so I would never have thought of that by myself.’  (We all know I only thought that and really said through clenched teeth ‘Yes, of course we will.’), this didn’t happen – I can only assume that I was out at the time B committed this heinous act.

And do you know how easy it is to get a deluge of nearly white but not quite paint spots off a mahogany banister – of course I’m being a tad sarcastic – it’s neigh on impossible.  So after trying various distressed looks (on the banister although I probably pulled a few faces myself) in an attempt to avoid painting it, we painted it, yes WE, because I wasn’t going to be the only one to faff about performing contortions with a paint brush all by myself.  We were both going to have to be punished for his sin.

So whilst in B&Q getting roofing felt for the shed a few weeks ago I picked up a brochure on joinery to look for a door for the cupboard under the stairs (again I have mentioned this umpteen times over the YEARS only to have B agree with me since getting Bud that it would be a good idea).  Guess what, it had a stairing section in it and not just a stairing section but a section suitable for a competent DIYer.  Well B did finish the shed roof over the Royal Wedding weekend.  Here it is…

(I actually stained the battens and then I had a rest)

Me: ‘So it says in that B&Q brochure I picked up that a competent DIYer can do some of these banisters.’

B:  ‘I don’t think so.  You’re not up to it now and I can’t do it.’

Now we saw above, just up there – go on take another look at his handiwork I’m such a proud Mrs B – that B has managed to provide our shed with a waterproof topping.  I may have said before B isn’t Mr DIY, in fact when Auntie Ann called that weekend and I said he was on the shed roof, she said ‘I’ve got to see this.’, and I am so impressed with the job he did.  As to whether B is ready to tackle a banister or not – well, you decide.  This is the inside of the shed roof…

9 responses to “Let’s get to the point

  1. I think B underestimates his abilities as a DIY person. The shed roof looks proper pucker and I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to put a banister together. I did and I have never repaired a shed roof and I’ve got two left feet!

  2. Just don’t expect him to have it done before our wedding. We don’t want him (or you) falling down the stairs and breaking a leg. We had a period without a bannister and it scared me, em, err, shiftless.

  3. Way to go B!!! Looks like you nailed it….

  4. I am amazed at your “stamina” in writing and now to redecorating. I am encouraged by your upbeat attitude. (I have been quiet lately, a certain lethargy but I have been knitting…)
    Your cheerfulness is doing good for some of us!

  5. Way to go B!! Wouldn’t catch me on that shed roof – looks like he’s done a great job! Whilst I like painting walls I share his lack of enthusiasm for DIY in general …. Talking of which I have a wall to paint and some curtains to hang to make our guest room habitable. Wonder if I can persuade Andy ‘we’ need to sort that out this weekend!

    Hope you find the right bannister and co our for your walls … Love planning change like that!

  6. Such a good guy B is…. 😀

  7. I think he should give it a go!! He will never know till he tries…..I always think thata bout myself but i always end up not being able to do it haha!!

  8. Well you certainly lead an interesting life. I hope your home turns out exactly how you like it. I struggled for 2 years to move into this house which was new, finally had all the rooms set up.
    Your shed ceiling looks great and you can just pretend the roofing nail is not there. Have a good day and get help for the banister as they are tricky….

  9. Sandy Banks

    There must be a DIY book that shows ways to cover up minor errors such as the nail… he might just want to bend it so that he doesn’t get scratched by it if he ever goes inside the shed, though. I feel terribly lazy after reading your posting – I’ve done nothing DIY for months, unless you count painting a picture.

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