Knitting to catch up to

I have been neglecting my inbox and blog reading for the past while to the point where my inbox overwhelmed me. Although I have skimmed my blogger list to check everyone was still alive at least I wasn’t getting much detail.  And got panicky several times when blogger told me I wasn’t following any blogs.  So over the past couple of days I caught up with everything I think.  Well in relation to my inbox I filed a load of stuff for future reference (Garfield daily comic strips), deleted a bigger load (it’s not like I’m going to knit everything suggested by Berocco, Lion Brand or Knitting Daily) and actually replied to some.

Whilst doing so neither my current cross stitch or crochet were a suitable companion. I needed some simple knitting that I didn’t have to look at.  So I thought I’d share my project with you…

‘I’m not moving.  This is my sunlight and I’m not happy at sharing with that.’

‘Sigh.  So you want me to move so you can take a photo of whatever the heck that is?  There better be a biscuit in it for me.’

So what is it?  And yes I know that that looks suspicously like a crochet hook.  I could have knit the red bits but the crochet instructions seemed a LOT quicker and the green circles were crocheted anyway.  I wonder if I could get Bud to model the finished item.


3 responses to “Knitting to catch up to

  1. Love the color combination and can’t wait to see your newest creation! You always keep us on pins and needles. So good to hear from you once again on the blog. I really need you to write my captions for me!! Feel well and keep on knitting!

  2. No idea what it is!!! Not sure green and red would be Bud’s preferred colours!! Whatever are you making?

  3. Gee, thanks for leaving only 2.459.073 comments on my blog yesterday. Uhm…Just wanted to let you know that you haven’t yet commented on a couple of posts I wrote in April 2007… ;-)))))
    Happy knitting or crocheting, whatever! Ciao from Firenze! 🙂

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