I got a boo boo!

I fell over!  I can’t remember the last time I fell over in my adult life.  I have fallen off things – my bike, an exercise ball, the settee but actually fell over onto the ground outside – I don’t know.

We were due to go to the Royal this afternoon for line care (ie, get my PICC line flushed and the dressing changed) but I rang this morning to check that it was still okay to go with the shingles since they refused to stay at home.  The room that would have been used wasn’t free today so I rebooked for tomorrow.  This meant that when B got up we had more time on our hands than anticipated. After he declined my suggestion for something to do we decided to take Buddy for a second walk in the same day, something that has become a bit of a rarity this well, year, I guess.

Off we headed up the footpath at the side of the dual carriageway with B on the outside, me in the middle holding B’s hand on one side and Bud’s lead on the other.  B normally holds Bud’s lead if the three of us go and lets Bud walk in front, whilst when Bud and I go out I make him heel, so he was getting a little confused and was attempting to cut across me, resulting in me taking smaller steps and I think one of my laces then snagged on the hook on my other boot and down I went.

Fortunately when I looked down the by-pass there was only one van heading towards us – because lets face it that’s always the most important thing ‘Who saw me?’

Equally fortunately I had a graze (or flag rash as my Dad used to call it when I was little) on my left knee.  I shudder to think what would have happened to the thin spot in my right femur had that been the knee that hit the ground.  Bud stayed at my side despite his lead lying on the floor and B suggested I might want to go home.  Instead I walked it off, on the promise of a nice cup of tea and a cinnamon swirl (details to follow) and tended to it when we got home.

I dettol-ed it causing Bud to learn a couple of new words and then I opened the first aid box to get a dressing.  I used to have a first aid box that could have dealt with a national emergency and now, I am ashamed to admit, I own one that couldn’t deal with an inch round graze.

Finally in a kitchen cupboard I found an out of date iodine type dressing and a clear adhesive dressing.  Bud then learnt another new word when I put the iodine dressing on – it was fine at first and then bamm!  It may however be a little hard to tell when I flash it at the hospital tomorrow whether it looks good or not when its yellow.

When I was in the hospital one of the health care assistants was saying that the two things that everyone found funny were falling and farting – I said that was everyone except the mother and brother in law.  Now one of our fellow patients could have won national, maybe even international awards in one of these areas. My Auntie Ann and I had nearly choked from stifling hysterical giggling following one particularly long episode with neither an acknowledgement or an excuse me from the party concerned.  When the opportunity arose eg, said room mate had gone to the loo, I asked the assistant ‘Have you not heard so and so?’

‘Heard her.  I’ve walked in some nights to find the blankets bellowing out.  It sometimes sounds like mouse are riding little motorcycles around the bed.’

5 responses to “I got a boo boo!

  1. Ouch. I suggest more water with it in future.

    My severed finger beats your grazed knee, although Mike’s rash (possibly internet caught shingles) may trump me. :p

  2. Oh dear! I also can’t recall the last time I fell over……but it wll happen one day and I think the shock will out weigh everything else haha! I did however drop a piece of wood on my toe…i was wearing sandles at the time!! I was suppsoed to help my dad (he’s 77) lift things, the first thing i lifted fell on my toe and i just stood there going “owe owe dad it hurts, oh dad its bleeding” I then hobbled to get a plaster…dad had finished by the time I hobbled back! Fat lot of use i was!!! Hope the graze isnt too bad…hurts like hell at first!!!

  3. I’m clumsy by nature – so falling over really isn’t new for me. My classic was falling up some concrete stairs (it was icy) and knocking myself out cold. I wouldn’t recommend that one … the other corker was falling over the two border collie pups who were playing on the stairs as I tried to carry the laundry basket down …. and didn’t see them underfoot.

    Hmm maybe I should avoid stairs!!

  4. Oh no – not hooky boots! FL can’t wear his “walking boots” for this very reason: he gets the lace of one stuck on the hook of the other and down he goes. Sorry it happened to you – blame the dog, that’s what we do!

  5. Hysterical post. I needed a few laughs today! I hope Bud knows not to repeat these words in mixed company. We’ve had a couple of funny
    um…”air biscuit” things around here too. I was in yoga class a few weeks ago with 40 people in a gym and someone blasted one out. And we weren’t even doing the “wind-relieving pose.” Tim was at a funeral awhile back and an old man blasted out several during the graveside service. Tooting out his own version of “Taps” I suppose. Did ya every hear the joke about the old man that goes to his doctor complaining of gas. He said, “Doc, I’m constantly doing these silent farts. At home, in the store, in church. Every few minutes I’m doing silent farts all day long. What can I do?” The doc says, “Well, the first thing we’re gonna do is check your hearing!” 😉

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