My cross stitch had a boo boo!

Never before in my many, many years of cross stitching (over 20) have I had a mishap like yesterday.  It may be said, generally by B, that I can be clumsy and the odd little mark may have marred the cloth I’ve been working with – actually I can only think of one occasion involving a tiny bit of tea on the very fringe of the material nowhere near the area to be stitched.  However adding in our small furry family member proved to be too much for my untarnished record.

Basically Bud wanted a walk from the minute he got up, which was about 20 minutes after me.  This works out well, having a dog who likes a lie in.  Generally I get to carry out my morning ablutions without a happy waggy addition to the bathroom – generally!  When he did make it downstairs his tummy was making funny noises so we spent five minutes snuggling on the settee with the occasional look by Bud towards his middle which was holding a conversation with itself.  Now although we have a fairly big ‘garden’ for him to ‘go in’ he prefers to take care of business on his walk which resulted in me attempting to have my breakfast whilst ignoring his hints about walkies.

Finally it all proved too much and I thoughtlessly said ‘Look Bud, we’ll go out shortly, when I’ve finished my drink.’  Bud heard ‘out’ and trotted forward excitedly kicking my full glass of orange juice and soda all over the floor.  In my haste to get up I jarred my coffee cup and splashed some of that over the floor to the other side of me.

Bud, who had backed off, rushed forward to apologise in that wagging tail, ears back way that dogs have and looked all dejected when informed it would be a really good if he would sit on his mat.  He decided that as he hadn’t been bad, it was all an accident, he would take refuge on the other settee and lay there producing extra wag whenever I looked his way and gave him reassurance that he was indeed a good boy.

After ensuring Bud wasn’t going to walk orange juice through the house I went to get the kitchen roll but noticed on my re-entry of the room that my cross stitch had been juiced – arghhhhhh! Obviously I had to get my priorities right and taking into account the items affected – the floor, some cushions, one of the feet of the settee, the knitted throw on the settee, a logic puzzle book – I picked up my cross stitch and gave it a quick rinse leaving it on the draining board to well, drain.

Thus Buddy’s wait for a walk evolved from five minutes to – I don’t know how long.  After moving items out of the pool, it’s amazing how large an area a 500ml glass of liquid can cover, I wiped them down and put them in the sun coming in through the French doors to dry further. 

I went through a whole roll of paper towel (must remember to tell B not to buy such a cheap brand next time) mopping the puddle up and then had to wipe the floor down with cleaner so that we didn’t end up with a furry rug when Bud’s hairs stuck to the residue.  I even had to throw some embroidery thread away!  I did contemplate ways round it but couldn’t actually see me washing each skein and drying it off. 

So then I turned to soft furnishings – if I’m popping one throw in the wash I might as well do the other and the cushions – well if I’m doing two, I might as well do all six, and I might as well do Bud’s cover and filling whilst at it and the cover on his other duvet to make up two full loads.  So one load of washing went in whilst I undid the cushion covers.  When I made them I decided it would be a wonderful idea to sew the reindeer antler buttons (no, no animal cruelty they are from the Cairngorm Reindeer herd and were made especially for me from discarded antlers) on with cotton yarn and with knots on the backside of the cushion.  This may or may not have something to do with avoiding machining button holes.  They looked lovely but obviously meant that a big job brakes out when washing the covers with the buttons having to be cut off and then sewn back on.  I decided later in the afternoon that I might as well omit the buttons and just do cotton yarn knots as I have a sneaking suspicion that at least one of the buttons has scratched the new settee.  Fortunately they blend in with the distressed finish of the leather.

After hanging the cross stitch in the window to dry we went out for our walk.  When we got back I noticed that there was a tide mark on the linen.  After saying things like ‘Oh goodness’, etc I had to wash the whole thing and now I’m unsure if any new stitches will blend in unnoticeably.  Whilst contemplating whether to carry on with it or start again I did continue with my attempt at a patchwork crocheted blanket…

And I found another cross stitch I started a while ago…

I may finish this one first anyway, not least because I am finding the white linen much easier to work with.  Although know I’m not yet at the point of needing reading glasses as B is still relying on me to read any fine print!

2 responses to “My cross stitch had a boo boo!

  1. Sandy Banks

    How frustrating to have those sequences of events – and in the morning as well! Here’s intending that your next few days start off more agreeably and more successfully ending, too.

  2. Oddly it’s usually Andy (my husband) that knocks things over, usually smashing the glass for good measure. The dog has an unblemished record (nearly 12 years now!). I’ve noticed as well that Andy never knocks over empty glasses or glasses of water – contents usually have to be very sticky / stain-worthy (red wine is a favourite!).

    You did well with all those B’s … did you get a new keyboard? Talking of knocking things over – letters on our keyboard started to stick when Andy had a mishap with some coke ….!!!!

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