Buddies, buddies everywhere I think I need a drink!

A celebratory drink of course so I think I’ll have a Lime and Soda.

Now although I don’t normally add Myeloma Buddies to the Myeloma Buddies page until after the recipient is in receipt I didn’t want you all thinking that I’d been skiving when I wasn’t gallivanting off to the hospital over the past, very nearly, three months so I’m making an exception in this case.  Although you will have to wait to find out where this little Buddy party is off to.

So after lots and lots of knitting, sewing and stuffing (ahem, minds out of the gutter please) here’s what 100 orange Myeloma Buddies look like…

The first 50 were the hardest taking from the beginning of February until 3 April.

The next 50 took me 25 days exactly.  Which I know only amounts to two Buddies a day even though some days I knit five Buddy bodies, arms, assembly and personality insertion averaged it out to two per day.

Each one has exactly the same number of stitches and rows, and the same eyes and mouth in the same places and yet each one is unique in its own little way.

Oops, bit of a scuffle broke out at the front.

Ahhh, all sorted.

I just need to give them all ribboned tags tomorrow and they’ll be on their way as hopefully will the little bit of a rash which has appeared on my back today but then again I think it might be shingles so maybe not!

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12 responses to “Buddies, buddies everywhere I think I need a drink!

  1. They remind me of Antony Gormleys Fields


    I hope it isn’t shingles you have… can you catch shingles via email? …. maybe it is an email virus!! 😉

  2. omigosh! I cannot believe you have knitted a squadron of buddies!!! HERE’S TO YOU… I’M DRINKING WITH YOU and TO YOU!!

  3. They are so fantastic and the pictures are great!! Good on you they are brilliant!

  4. I thought I noticed a little temper there in the front ranks. Thank goodness you were there to settle everyone down.

  5. 100 ORANGE buddies? Paula, you are an amazing knitting machine! And my guess is anyone that would request 100 of them has to be a Tennessee Volunteer fan! You have to be seeing these little orange buddies in you sleep!

  6. Love the orange army of buddies. I hate to get all “doctorish” on you but I would have that rash checked today. Getting on anti-virals, or raising the dose you may be on, is essential to avoid a really bad case and nerve damage that can be caused by shingles.

  7. You’ve knitted how many? Blimey – who ordered that many? Well done! They remind me of Morph from that art programme with Tony Hart back when I was a kid. Morph had attitude too!!

    As to the rash … I’m with Denise. Get it checked out!

  8. OMG OMG OMG that is amazing! I am imagining an animation of 100 orange buddies…!
    But never mind that – please get yourself some acyclovir just in case. I would send you half a packet but there is no post today!

  9. oh.my.goodness!

  10. Love your orange Buddies … and your photo comment about the ‘scuffle’ in the front row made me laugh out loud. I agree that even when they are the same, they each have their own unique personality. I love my Buddies. Happy you got on some meds for the shingles. Hope it keeps it under control for you.

  11. Wow! I almost got blinded, there…LOVE THEM! 🙂 They remind me of the Chinese terracotta warriors…

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