Knitting and salesmen

Ohhhh, I have so nearly finished my orange knitting.  In fact I plan to unveil it tomorrow!  What will I do with my time, perhaps I will tell you how to get a good deal on your home phone package, it’s a little convoluted and you’ll need the following:

 A ridiculously expensive chair from John Lewis that arrives with a fault

 A little doggy that feels hard done to missing his walk the previous day so is full of extra energy

A friend calling round who is afraid of said little doggy so surplus energy is the last thing he needs to have

An other half who decides to play a practical joke

An exasperated (well after speaking to me he was) call centre salesman desperate to keep your custom

And look again no use of the letter in the middle of a and c.

6 responses to “Knitting and salesmen

  1. How hard to you have to concentrate to keep that letter out of your posts? Do you carefully select every word? You are doing an amazing thing.

  2. I can hardly wait for the sequel…

  3. For a second I thought your post was entitled “Knitting a salesman.” Shame, I was going to ask for the pattern. 😉

  4. Who is your phone provider… is it Orange?! Clearly it can’t be BT!

  5. And I thought your post was titled “Knitting salesmen”… 😉
    Here is a series of “b”s…just copy and paste, easy peasy: b b b b b b b b b b
    Does that help? 😉

  6. Paula, who is John Lewis?

    Hilarious, Lorna! You made me smile. Oops… power is out here. have to go.

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