Happy diagnosis-day!

I just realised that yesterday is two years since my diagnosis with myeloma.  I hadn’t forgotten as such but I thought that today was the 23rd!  I intended to purchase a new key*oard yesterday, as lack of a B is slowing me down and typing of down, the down cursor is in collusion with the other key and is refusing to *e down, so that I could inform you all of the exact details surrounding my diagnosis (I was going to say bore you *ut lack of a B made that difficult).

Anyhoo, returning to the myeloma.  Yes two whole years, although I did notice on my notes for my stem cell transplant that someone had put diagnosis date of May 08 which is when my lower spine really started giving me jip – so I guess unofficially I am nearly at the three year average survival as still stated on the nhs choices site – last updated 23 June 2009, review of site information due 23 June 2011 – we’ll check for an update/new target after that.

I once had a discussion regarding pain and whether I would have preferred a non-fatal diagnosis with the pain continuing at the level it was or the myeloma and my current pretty minimal pain level, easily managed with two 30mg codeine a day.  I have to say that, although not the ideal selection, I am very happy with my current pain level.

My sister in law dropped off two garden seats on Friday which resulted in my favourite quote of the weekend, so far anyway.  On seeing the state of the garden her other half said ‘It’s a little late now however earlier in the year you should have got someone in to sort it out’.  Yes, there’s nothing in particular that springs to mind that was otherwise occupying us earlier this year to distract us from tackling the garden.  Mmm, no nothing comes to mind.

I would like to point out, just in case you hadn’t noticed that I managed to complete the last three paragraphs without the B key.  It wasn’t easy but you’re worth it.

Have a Happy Easter and lay off the chocolate!  No, I’m not slightly envious of people with chocolate or other sweetie treats and it has nothing to do with me telling * I didn’t want any yesterday.  I mean, I didn’t – yesterday!

4 responses to “Happy diagnosis-day!

  1. Happy Easter, Paula, and to B and Bud as well.


  2. Happy Easter Paula, B and Buddy (I refuse to wish you Happy Diagnosis Day – just doesn’t seem quite right, somehow!). I’ll lay off the chocolate now … just finished the last of it!

    I thought Buddy was doing a great job of landscaping the garden … and I hope you told your sister-in-law that! (She didn’t go to the same charm school as your mother-in-law, by any chance, did she?)

  3. Blessed Easter, Paula, B and Buddy! I don’t have any chocolate bunnies, so I can’t lay off them, but I did eat several gummies last night in honor of the Peeps Day. Here’s intending that you are a survivor for many more years to come!

  4. happy chocolate day!

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