Plunger Wars: The Toilet Strikes Back

My day started with this.  A little Fritillaria. One of many I planted years ago and the first I have actually seen.  I love the little chequerboard pattern on the petals as well as the colour.

My mid afternoon entailed mopping up water after the toilet leaked through the kitchen ceiling.

My evening is going to end with a horror film (Legion) to distract me from the fact that the next four days which are appointmentless are no longer mine to do with as I pleased.


3 responses to “Plunger Wars: The Toilet Strikes Back

  1. Ohhhhhhh no! The Fritillaria is gorgeous, and the news about the toilet is … horrible. Enjoy the movie…

  2. I wish your day, and week, had continued as nicely as it started with that gorgeous fritillaria (new flower to me!). When it rains, it pours! So sorry!

  3. Your flower is lovely … shame about how the day turned out.

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