Engineer 17

Ohhhhh, look this week I have no creative space to show you.  I do have more orange knitting but it’s shy and doesn’t want to be seen yet.

I do however have a toilet that flushes or more correctly that flushes water which then disappears off somewhere never to be my problem again.  I can whole heartedly recommend engineer number 17 (Eddie) and anyone who lives in the north west of England shouldn’t hesitate to get him in should they have a drainage related problem.

After the plumber saying that the blockage was ‘not in the vicinity of the toilet’ and that they ‘didn’t have the equipment for anything else’ it turned out that they mustn’t carry plungers.  Either that or he was on a promise.  Engineer 17 after being told exactly the same as the plumber said ‘I’ll have it sorted in three minutes’.  And he did! This meant I only had to write a cheque (check) for the lower amount.  Should the problem recur they will come back free of charge within the next three months.  To be sure I get my money’s worth I’ve been stuffing toilet paper down – still on the roll.

Yesterday and today I got to take the car to the garage to get new brake pads and discs (not that big a job but they didn’t have them in stock).  It’s a good job I was sitting down for the cost of that.

And last night when I sat down to blog the internet wouldn’t connect.  I’m counting that as my third ‘these things come in threes’ of the week so that my blood results tomorrow don’t enter the equation.

3 responses to “Engineer 17

  1. Should I leave 3 comments in a row?
    Should I?
    What do you think?

  2. I am so glad my intentions supported a small amount on the toilet… too bad I didn’t know about the brakes sooner!!! Next time… meanwhile I am intending your numbers are improving with the blood results. So be it!!!

  3. Hope you didn’t pay the first plumber!?! But it must be a relief not to need the bucket any more!!!!!
    Fingers crossed for the blood test results.

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