You be Pluto and I’ll be Goofy

And apparently I am goofy according to B and I was only referring to who got which cup of tea.  In case you were wondering Mickey and Donald were in the dishwasher.

Other Kilgallon household news

I’m now classed as severely neutropenic with a level of 0.4 and therefore wasn’t able to eat the cherry tomatoes I’d included with my packed lunch today.  It also meant I wasn’t able to have Velcade today either.  We’re seeing if my levels go up on their own and my next visit is for a clinic appointment this Friday.

I wondered if my folliculitis (infected hair follicle), which has cleared up completely, and/or floxacillin may have affected my neutrophil levels and it turns out that penicillin can cause a decrease in them.  I’ve written it down in my myeloma notebook  so I remember to ask about it at the clinic.

Along with the bacteria avoiding diet gardening is a no-no because do you know, and I know some of you do, just how much bacteria is in the soil – any excuse to knit instead of gardening.

I have two sore fingers and a sore thumb from sewing up lots of ORANGE knitting.  Obviously now I’ll have to keep a careful eye on these in case they swell up and go funny/manky!  How embarrassing would a knitting related infection be.

The toilet has been blocked since Saturday despite B making a squillion trips up and down stairs with a kettle of boiling water on Saturday afternoon – actually the boiling water was just making the up trip via the stairs and going down a whole or even, hole, other way.  The blockage has also persisted despite two lots of caustic soda going down the pan too.

A plumber came out today and said that his remit goes as far as the ‘toilet area’ and not the drains as they don’t have the right equipment (ahem!) so we needed a drainage contractor.

A drainage contractor is calling out in the morning at which time I will need a stiff drink if he gets it sorted easily and a completely rigid one if it gets complicated.  I am unsure whether the guy at the drainage company appreciated me saying that he should have asked me whether I was sitting down before running their prices past me.

We have been granted use of a neighbour’s toilet and it’s not like we don’t have a second toilet, well it’s more of a facility really, okay, okay it’s a bucket in the garage.






8 responses to “You be Pluto and I’ll be Goofy

  1. Life is so like those rows of dominoes, isn’t it? One falls, and lots more follow. Take good care.

  2. I’m not sure how you are managing with a bucket, but I have put the mega-intender beam on your issue and am intending an easy ‘roto-rooter’ solution for the problem right now… because by the time you get this it will probably be morning in the U.K.

    I was taking a walk this afternoon and ran into two of your countrymen (well, one was a woman) ambling down the same path. I was going to ask if they knew you, but they were off before I could. Perhaps you know Michelle and Andy?

  3. You must think, “What next?” Praying the numbers come up, the sore fingers don’t get infected, and that the toilet issue gets resolved very, very quickly and cheaply! So sorry to hear about your troubles…at least you are keeping your sense of humor through it all with your Pluto and Goofy comment. You always make me smile!

  4. I’ll try to be serious at this point and give you good advice on drain men. Experience has told me that “Dyno-rod” now owned by British Gas, is the only drain company that has very fixed prices and not “sharp intake of breath” prices. x

  5. eek drainage contractor sounds a bit scary! I hope that all gets sorted!! And I hope your finger and thumb don’t get infected….although telling people it happened coz of knitting would be…interesting 🙂 Take Care

  6. How did it go with the drains company? I’m remembering a horrible tale of …. well, you probably don’t want to know. Hope you only needed a stiff drink and have dispensed with the bucket!!

  7. Hope the bucket was just for flushing purposes. The other sort doesn’t sound good for someone avoiding bacteria!
    What IS this orange mystery knitting anyway? I am intrigued!

  8. As a drain expert (the manhole for the sewers for 8 properties is in my back garden) I too am wondering how it went today. I wish I had known you needed help, I’m a dab hand at clearing a blockage.

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