2011 UK Census

This year is census year for us in the UK.  I will admit to complete ignorance as to how many other countries do this type of thing every 10 years or so.  I know Australia do.  A friend’s husband and his colleagues who were working there at the time of the 1981 census had to fill one in in order to get their passports back from the hotel.

I completed ours on Monday morning and question 13 took some thought.

13 How is your health in general?

* Very good  * Good  * Fair  * Bad  *Very bad

Well on Monday morning I felt pretty good, and if asked generally I say I have a good quality of life but since I was just about to go for treatment for my relapsed incurable but manageable (hopefully) blood cancer which has caused one vertebra to collapse and damage to two others and my ribs, a thin spot in my right femur, which could go at any time, along with lots of holes in my pelvis and skull I only ticked Fair.




9 responses to “2011 UK Census

  1. I put very bad, so now it can only get better….lol.

  2. If that’s fair, I hate to think what very bad looks like in your mind!!

    I think most countries that had some form of English rule at one time or another do a census every decade – there’s certainly one this year in Canada. However in Germany and, I would imagine any other country with an ID card system, the census is redundant. Here you have to register with the town where you live within a week of moving; similarly any marriages, births etc.. are recorded and linked to a specific address. ID cards are updated when someone moves too. Most people in Germany can tell you how many inhabitants their town has as this information is regularly updated and published online. And yes – they think we’re very odd not to know that sort of information and wonder how our town councils can plan for the services they provide when they’re not sure how many people live in a town!

  3. The thing is, you can only go with the truth at the time.
    Our census doesn’t ask questions like that — it’s how many rooms do you have in your home, how many people are living there, etc. Different countries care about different things.

  4. Ha! Yes indeedy – I had to answer those questions for 4 people and I didn’t ask any of them what to write, except for “when did you last work” which caused no end of trouble, because it depends how you define work – “Do you mean when did I last try to climb onto the roof to fix a broken skylight? Or when did I last try to plant a tree? Or when did I last attempt to teach a class of 14 year olds about the Stalin?” Grrr. And I said he was “bad”. 😉

  5. Steve Haysham

    Hi everyone my name’s Steve – diagnosed May 18,2010. Even though I’m in complete remission after the chemo and BMT and back at work I too put “very bad” for 13 and for the one that says are your day to day activities limited (23)…. I said yes, limited a lot – it’s the way I see it compared with LBM – Life before myeloma
    But for me question 17 is the best – This question is intentionally left blank – Go to 18.
    Who thought that one up?

  6. Sorry you are not doing so well, hope you got my note, sending prayers your way and know things will improve. Take care

  7. I don’t think they had that question on the U.S. Census… I was out of the country when it had to be done, but someone told me there were just 10 questions and none of them personal. I don’t think it’s any of their business, but if you have a national health care system, perhaps that is why they ask it. I am impressed that you ticked “Fair,” and I am intending that you can tick it again in 10 years and say “Good.”

  8. Our last census here stateside was some years back but I , too, don’t remember them asking too many questions and there were none about
    the state of one’s health. I do remember being asked to categorize my race.
    As far as asking how your health is, I remember a comedian or celebrity years ago saying when asked how he was doing, “Listen, Elvis is dead, and I’m not feeling that great myself.” Maybe it’s just me, but that cracked me up.

  9. Love your blog!! Our census is every ten years, here in the U.S., and there was nothing related to health ….last year (2010). They do want to know if we own our home, and I always wonder…if we were homeless, would we even get one.


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