What’s the fuss about felt tips?

Tuesday I needed a short sleeved top to wear to the hospital for access to my PICC line.  For some reason…yeah some reason, like I don’t know, I have a limited number of tops, short or long sleeved.  The reason being I put weight on so buy the minimum required until I get back to being a size 8-10 bottom and size 12 top (due to my manly back and not my womanly front).  I of course anticipate this happening by putting in about 0.5% of the effort Lorna has put into her Thinning Thursdays.  I also anticipate getting a six pack of abs without even looking at a crunch from the corner of my eye – now Crunchies are another story completely.

Anyhoo back to Tuesday.  I did have one top stored in my very, very casual pile eg, for pottering round in the garden and painting.  It had been moved to this pile a couple of weeks ago after a spillage of tomato pasta sauce hadn’t washed out.

Okay you can’t really see the five tomato marks on that pic because they are quite small but they are there – trust me.

So I decided to adorn the top with five additional flowers with their centres covering the stains.  Ta-da! (I couldn’t spell voila.)

It now looks like this again…

Okay for the eagle eyed pics one and three are more than supciously alike, they are indeed the same.  I didn’t anticipate sharing my endeavour into textile design however my creative space is still filled mainly with orange otherwise.

I would also like to say I don’t know what all the fuss is about children and felt tip pens as we can clearly see from the above, if you draw on clothes with them it just washes off!

Other creative spaces are here.


3 responses to “What’s the fuss about felt tips?

  1. haha very impressive Paula as someone who also has a limited wardrobe for precisely the same reasons I may have to get creative Now where is my decorating shirt? x

  2. Guess What? You have to use the ones with indelible ink… but I like your idea a whole lot!!!

  3. Now there’s something. Wish I’d have realised I could put the lounge wallpaper in the washing machine all of those years ago, when my little tykes played noughts and crosses with felt tips…lolx

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