What a catastrophuff*

Yesterday I assured B, who is on holiday this week, that we would be away from the Royal about 14:00.  Now when I thought back to the similar place in cycle one, I remembered that it was in fact much later than this, a little titbit of information I kept to myself.

Off we jollied to the Royal for 11:00, off we not so jollied at 15:35!  (No, at least one of us was still reasonably  jolly.)

Now I distinctly remember asking B did he want to take a packed lunch.  I know I asked him this because I heard myself do it and I heard B say no.  Okay, okay I may have heard B say ‘We’ll see.’ which is his equivalent of ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea but I really don’t want to discuss it in detail at this exact moment in time.’  B on the other hand would like me to submit to a lie detector test to confirm whether or not I did indeed ask said question.  This may have been prompted by the distinct lack of food by 14:30 and the fact that he was offered hospital soup and sandwich at 12:00 which he declined.

I had managed to coerce an Eccles cake from him about 13:30 of which he got about a quarter to go with his choc chip shortbread slice as although I don’t feel naesus (something I associate with lying down and not wanting to move) I have a low level of quesiness from time to time.  I had a slightly higher level of queasiness whilst walking Bud at the weekend and whilst travelling in the car yesterday morning so I asked for some motion sickness tablets yesterday as although Bud would probably turn a blind eye to me parting with food under a hedge I don’t think B would feel the same way about me doing the same thing in the car.  Today I took some poop scoop bags with us in the car after it dawned on me that carrier bags have holes in them.

After getting home I took Bud for a walk and B went to get his mother’s pension from the post office.  After a much needed cup of tea and homemade scone, lovingly made by Auntie En, I decided I really needed a little nap.  The little nap turned into a two and a half hour nap on the settee with B waking me at 21:00 and again at 21:30 so I could have a shower and then refuse an Indian takeaway and volunteer to make cheese and onion sandwiches.

And the catastrophuff – we were heading up the by-pass not 1/6 of a mile from home and I noticed that I only had ONE knitting needle.  I declined the offer of going home for it so we weren’t late and so Bud didn’t get all excited that we were home only to be disappointed when we disappeared again.  So it was four hours and 25 minutes of having, no make that trying to do MENSA puzzles from the two books I had in my bag.  It’s no wonder I needed a ‘little nap’.

Today we had another trip to the Royal to disconnect me from my little Doxorubicin ball at 14:00.  I got up at 07:00 had a drink and then went back to bed to get up again at 11:05 (hey my body thought it was really 10:05 with the clocks going forward at the weekend – well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

Off we jollied this afternoon to get disconnected, the work of minutes.  We got there at 14:10 and left at 16:15 as I happened to mention a little spot in my armpit that was sore which turned out to be folliculitis.  I now have antibiotics (floxacillin) that are to be taken on an empty stomach four times a day.  Once I start grazing my stomach’s never technically empty.  I wonder if I could get away with setting the alarm for 01:00, 02:00, 03:00 and 04:00?!?!?

* Along lifes meandering highway I, and I’m know I’m not alone, pick up mispronunciations, some made by accident, some on purpose, that become everyday use words.

spasal – spasam

kidiley – kidney

me and you – menu

coronar-ry – coronary

And the word catastrophuff is brought to us courtesy of Sven Goran Eriksson was being interviewed during some football thing, the World Cup or something similar.  The game England or whoever he managed, I personally am that interested in that detail I can’t be bothered to google it, had just taken part in was apparently a catastrophuff.

5 responses to “What a catastrophuff*

  1. The mental image of you puking into a carrier bag in B’s prized car only for it to squirt out the holes had me giggling … but I’m not sure my aim would be so great with those little poop scoop bags!

    Hope B gets to have more of a proper holiday for the rest of the week … and that you’re awake for some of it 🙂

  2. Shame you are having such a grotty week. At least you got a bit of Eccles cake. 🙂

  3. Is the weather nice enough for a little day trip to the ocean? Bet Buddy would love to run in the water and frolic about… take a little extra water to pour on his feet before gets back into the car all sandy and such like. Shall I intend a short journey for you three? Wouldn’t want to do it if you weren’t up for it… making you feel like you were being dragged behind the car and all.

  4. Now promise me only to use an empty doggy bag, won’t you?!
    Only one knitting needle? Is that you doing fancy schmancy loopy candlestick lace again?

  5. But did you find the other needle?

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