The general con-census

Yesterday I did have a breakfast of apple crumble from Rustic Fruit Desserts – well actually the recipe was for Rhubarb Crumble with the crumble containing oats, dark brown sugar and pecans.  However mine was apple crumble containing oats, light brown sugar and pistachios – about half the quantity needed because there is a limit to the number of pistachios you can shell in one go.

It was very edible.  And I did feel better as the day went on.

Yes we got cake, not chocolate, but still cake is cake, unless it’s Black Forest Gateaux then it’s blah!  One lovingly bought from M&S…

and two made by a neighbour who is 11 with our initials on.  How sweet is that?

I got flowers off a friend who became a Nan again yesterday – what a great date to be born on…

and they are pre-arranged so I didn’t have to worry about doing them justice after getting them in a vase.

Here’s the card made by my very talented sister in law, Gill (who’s married to B’s brother), who cuts the shapes out on one of those fancy newfangled shape cutting machines.

Anyhoo Gill’s parting words confirmed the consensus that the last thing I should be fretting about is the m-i-l.  So in the interests of my self preservation I’m going to maintain my stance of having nothing to do with the m-i-l and not feel guilty about it in the slightest.  If she wants to be happy being miserable and stuck in the house that’s her business.

B suggested he take over doing the m-i-l’s shopping from his brother.  Gill reckons that the b-i-l will have to interfere, I mean get involved, because that’s the way he is. B had suggested doing the shopping before but not necessarily to his brother – as this is the way they are.  Apparently the m-i-l was being a particular pain in the backside at the moment mithering over my card and then the census form.

So if anyone sees or hears a news article about a pensioner turning up at A&E with a census form stuck where the sun doesn’t shine – we know nothing! Okay?


6 responses to “The general con-census

  1. I’m keeping mum!!

  2. Happy b-day!
    My mother doesn’t know why I am complaining about the census form “It only took a minute or two” – oh good for you, mum, you don’t have another three people to account for and all that “do you understand gaelic / scots / what year did your husband last work” nonsense!

  3. Glad you’ve come to your census, um senses, about the m-i-l. Some people are only too happy to make everyone around them miserable. I made an apple crumble yesterday but was out of walnuts. Since Liv doesn’t like coming upon hard, crunchy things in her baked goods, and my arse seriously does NOT need to eat this whole thing without help, I put coconut in with the oats and brown sugar. It tastes great but I will never make another as I am getting little help eating it and doing too good a job of it on my own. :o/

  4. I don’t know a thing.

  5. Happy Birthday Paula!
    Here is my favorite birthday song:
    This is your birthday song…..
    It does not last too long…..
    See ya!
    May you enjoy your special day! Birthday Hugs from North Carolina

  6. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! from South America – Happy Birthday!

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