Creative Space – Buddy earns his keep

My, or rather, our creative space this week is the ‘garden’ which we are attempting to make into a garden.

When I originally thought about redesigning it from the lawn, path and border it was when we bought the house {cough mutter mumble} years ago (okay 14 this September, although for the first few it remained a garden), I liked the idea of a flowing curvy natural layout, eg

or interlocking circles of lawn, flowers, shrubs, etc.

I realised as time went on that the easiest way of laying out a garden involved nice straight-edged rectangles/squares, especially when I came across the following in a garden book which so neatly fit our garden shape allowing for more lawn close to the house to fill the gap.

So this is what we are aiming for.

B has given himself the job of painting the fence panels – two so far this week, so that just leaves 33 and a half.

Bud is earning his keep moving branches…

and saving us money on a shredder.


I think I may retain one of the features of the current ‘garden’ as a feature.  I may even enter this arty composition for the Turner Prize.

Other people’s creative spaces can be found here.  There’s now pictures and one that drew my attention this week, possibly because of my current increased interest crochet , was this lovely one from Apple Blossom Dreams which turned out to have been  made for a lovely reason too.

3 responses to “Creative Space – Buddy earns his keep

  1. Well, it’s definitely easier in my experience to mow rectangles than nice curves and I like the way the plan breaks up the space. What I worry about is how you are going to Buddy-proof whatever you plant – he seems to be quite the demolition expert!!
    Just visited Apple Blossom Dreams’ blog – wonderful blanket. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. When B has finished painting your panels could he please pop down and finish painting ours? My arms aren’t long enough.

    Are you going to have a vegetable patch?

  3. oh what a long and lovely space to work with. i’d run out of ideas about a third of the way in, i think!

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