Hairy Muffins

Following on from my first attempt in January to cut my own hair, disregarding the fringe incident at age 13ish, here’s the photographic evidence.

The before with out of control curliness and a colour that was never naturally mine…

The day after, not very clear but since in the other two I’m wearing my jim jams I just wanted to prove that I do get dressed sometimes…

And last night still sporting the cut from four weeks ago.

I would have expected it to need another trim by now but maybe it’s slowing down before it departs completely!  Typing of which I went for my blood taken this morning, but haven’t heard anything yet about the counts or cycle two staring on Friday.

I also baked today – Quinoa Muffins as per Martha Stewart.  They turned out not only edible but quite delicious.

I substituted dried cranberries for the currants as although I love Fly Pie (Chorley/Eccles Cake – which is not a cake but a pastry – don’t tell Brussels or the name will need to be changed) I’m not a big fan of currants in cake and don’t even get me started on sultanas – blah!


8 responses to “Hairy Muffins

  1. Love, love, love your pixie cut!

  2. That cut really makes your lovely smiling eyes stand out! I was a little fearful of reading about the ‘hairy muffins’ but they look quite delish… I miss being able to bake as I do not have a true ‘baking oven, right now’ but a sort of toaster-thing which will burn top and bottom of things unless I am hovering over it.

  3. The hair cut really suits you!! I once let my sister cut my hair – she was about 13 at the time too. Results were traumatic to say the least!!

    Might have to try that recipe – I’ve made things with quinoa flour before but I’ve never baked with whole quinoa! The muffins look delicious.

  4. You look very mischievous with that haircut!
    Ooh – new muffin recipe! I might have to try that!

  5. Love Chorley cakes, less keen on Eccles cakes.

    I can now see why you cut your hair, you looked like my nan after a visit to get her hair permed. 😉 Looks much better pixie style.

  6. I adore your hair! It looks great on you.

  7. Paula, here am I, a MM-er from afar. Just want to say you look great and such a cheerful face. It is good to have some photographic evidence of a head-ful of hair! It makes me glad to read your uplifting blog. You spread joy in such a special way!

  8. You always get me with the titles of your posts!! Great pictures and I just think you are the cutest thing with that pixie cut! Keep writing, keep knitting and keep smiling…we love you!

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