Where’s my medication?

Today we had, in theory, a clinic appointment, Velcade, Doxirubicin and Zometa.  I arrived at the day unit for my blood taken to be told by the very nice receptionist that of all the things listed I was likely only to get the Zometa due to having a clinic appointment and this not leaving the pharmacist enough time to prepare the others if they were to go ahead.

Fair enough I thought.  I did! About half an hour later.  I had thought maybe the Zometa might be a touch too much with everything else but I wanted the others today.  I didn’t want to start Doxirubicin on a Monday and have the hazy red ball, no matter how cute, accompanying me about any business I may feel up to in the week.

As it turned out this isn’t going to be an issue as my neutrophils were too low for either Velcade or Doxirubicin.

Neutrophils – 0.6 from 0.9 (normal range 2.0 – 7.5)

Haemoglobin – 9.5 from 10.8 (normal range 11.8 – 14.8)

White blood cells – 1.7 from 1.6 (normal range 3.5 – 11.0)

However stand by, or rather sit down, to be astounded by this

Platelets – 256 from 66 (normal range 150 – 400)

Yes ladies and gentlemen 2 5 6! 256!

The suggestion of a GCSF injection (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor which boosts neutrophil production – see aren’t I good now including more info for those that visit for my crafting ability) was discussed but apparently an increase, or, in my case, a leap in platelets can precede a neutrophil increase.  So I get to go back on Monday for blood counts with a view to starting cycle 2 next Friday with, if required, the possibility of a GSCF injection earlier in the week.

And today we were really lazy and after going into Liverpool city centre for lunch we got the bus back to the hospital car park for the first time ever.  No, it wasn’t really laziness.  I have a cautionary tale, well sentence, for you.  Don’t wear socks with anti slip sticky bob bits on the bottom with shoes if you intend to walk any distance, they make you whine.  Well they make your feet ache and then you start whining.



7 responses to “Where’s my medication?

  1. Do you think you and Mike could have some sort of platelet sharing scheme? I’ve noticed when yours are low Mike’s are perfect and vice-versa. (Mike’s had dropped to 70 yesterday.)

  2. In this time of cut-backs it is really reassuring that the hospital receptionist is prepared to take over the consultants role. Soz……… one of my all time gripes is receptionists at medical establishments that ask what the problem is before they will lift the portcullis, as if all of their time at secretarial college qualifies them to sort out my colon. ;-).
    I think you and I must have purchased the daysaver for the rollercoaster….. my Hb has dropped 1.6 to 10.1 in 2 days and my platelets have dropped to 70, but my neutrophils and whites are dapper all of a sudden. Well at least it keeps us on our toes i suppose, even if we need to sit down cause of our non sticky bits 😉

  3. In addition to taking your advice, and not wearing those type socks with shoes, I am now — and forever — going to call them “anti slip sticky bob bits.”

  4. And when they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down, and when they were only halfway up… they were neither up nor down?
    Well at least you get a weekend free of side effects – woo hoo!

  5. See… I’ve been intending for you… sorry if I got the ups and downs mixed up but will do better this week… intending those things to be up are up and those things to be down are down and every little good cell is healthy and well and the others are just plain disappearing!!! for the highest and best good of all concerned… so be it and SO IT IS!!!! whoooooo!

  6. Hey there Feresa! So you’re back in treatments, or did you never leave treatments? I thought we were on the same MM and hair plan! Hoping all goes well for you with your current regimen and you stomp all those MM cells off your planet. I need to catch up with your details and I’ll be posting mine next week. I’ve cut my hair twice now, and don’t think I will go back to “Golilocks” 😦 It’s the new chemo-make-over for me now! Short and to the point! How are your locks doing? Curls straightening out? Ok, keep on knitting 🙂 Best of luck!!! Julie from CA USA 🙂

  7. ooppsss where’s the spell check and delete button!!
    I meant to say GOLDILOCKS 🙂

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