My creative space today is filled with this…

as it has been for a number of weeks recently.  You will have to wait to see what this turns out to be – it’s a surprise!

Yesterday it was filled with these…

(No, they don’t really open that way.  I still can’t get the my mobile to stop taking mirror image photos.)

Three late and one in advance cards.  I’m unsure on the feather ‘bouquet’.

It was a friend’s birthday last week, one of the big ones, but even on not big birthdays Pat insists that the card should be there to be opened on the morning of the birthday and not a second later irrespective of whether one is born at 00:01 or 23:59.  However until yesterday I didn’t have the enthusiasm/inspiration to make a card.  My sister in law’s is two weeks late. 

I’ve been really er, tired isn’t really the right word.  Tired to me is like when we went on holiday quite a number of years ago and I was probably starting to get unfit and we did a ton of walking and I ended up nodding off over a cup of coffee and piece of tiffin in a mountain sports shop cafe.  When I’m tired I’m sleepy, I sleep and feel better – well after a period of ‘coming to’.  It’s not for no reason that my Auntie Betty used to say ‘Hail smiling morn.’ if she encountered me just after I’d woken up.

I had assumed that with having the Velcade on the 7th by last weekend I’d be feeling bright and perky-ish (despite Bridget saying that she was tired in the off weeks I thought that with no steriods to complicate matters I might perk up).  By Tuesday I was thinking that maybe my haemoglobin had dropped again but it wasn’t quite the same tiredness (that was a kinda sleepy feeling).  This has been I think, more fatigue like.  I’ve knit, I’ve made food, got dressed gone out occasionally but nothing really with enthusiasm.  And obviously not posted anything since Monday because for once believe it or not I couldn’t think what to say.

Then yesterday morning I was up and dressed and standing dazed and confused in the kitchen at 07:35 volunteering to take the car to the garage so the offside rear wheel could be looked at (get me offside) since it’s been squeaking and there was rather a disturbing burning smell from it last Thursday when we got back from the Royal.

After an hour in the garage, knitting orange yarn and reading, I headed home, had breakfast, took Bud for a walk, the first on my own since I got home from my relaxing holiday in the Royal, spent half an hour chopping ivy in the garden (until my back got a little cranky), spent more time with orange yarn, warmed up the Bubble & Squeak for lunch, made the cards, played a game with B on the laptop, got dressed up nice-ish and went out for my tea with the big birthday friend and another friend and still felt good when I went to bed at 23:15.

Today Buddy seems to think that yesterday set a precedent and seems to think he should be getting a walk refusing to go out into the garden for a wee wee and giving me funny looks.  I think I may have to take him on medical grounds so one of his kidleys doesn’t explode – think of the mess.

Other creative spaces here.

7 responses to “ORANGE!

  1. Lovely cards Paula – my, as I’ve said so many times before you’re clever! I expect you will feel fatigued as you get back into the swing of things. Hamada used to say how hosptial made him so tired, never much rest there!
    Rest as much as you can and don’t expect too much of yourself, I am sure when we get some warmer weather you will feel much better once again. Lots of love and hugs X

  2. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ve missed something on the fashion front, all that orange that Roobedoo was so fond of and now you! I can’t wait to see what it is you are making, I can’t really see B wearing a jumper that colour. 😉
    Nice cards by the way. Excellent idea making yourself a couple, just in case everyone forgets. 😉

  3. Yay – ORANGE!!!!
    You are SO in touch with the zeitgeist! ;D
    That tiredness sounds “very Velcade”. Funny how quickly you forget the details , but FL definitely had a “drained” feeling.
    As for dogs and their insistence on routines? Don’t get me started! Hero has his dinner and then he is right there, in my face, whining and pawing at my knee, even if he went out 5 minutes before dinner. Drives me nuts. Don’t start something you can’t keep up or you are doomed, doomed I tell ye!

  4. I love orange – my mom knitted me beautiful sweaters of all kinds, mohair, teal, green, red, fisherman knit patterns… I could kick myself that I didn’t keep them forever … the one I DID keep is bright orange, and about the only thing my daughter liked out of my wardrobe – she loves it and wears it a lot.
    RE: Velcade. I am at least happy to hear someone can drive and whack weeds while on it. My husband’s first dose was last week – he is next to comatose and has every single side effect from breathing difficulties to vision disturbances – could not talk him into seeing Dr. earlier than today’s scheduled appt – I don’t think we can do this drug.
    What on earth are bubbles and squeak??

    -Julie in Iowa

  5. Orange has never been for me — long story.

    So sorry you’re less than energized. Please do take care.

    Our little Finn’s bladder reaches critical mass at 6:30 AM without fail. There’s a lot to be said for NOT having a schedule or routine. . .

  6. ooo ornage yarn, how interesting!! And I like your feather bouquet…i think you should go with it!!

    Sounds like you had a jam packed day!

  7. Your creativity is astoundingly lovely… hope your energy is on the upswing now…

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