Not a Sunday Roast

For tea today I intended to do a Sunday Roast with tea tomorrow being Bubble & Squeak.  For those of you who don’t know, this is traditionally a dish made on a Monday out of leftovers from the Sunday Roast eg, potatoes, veg, meat and essentially gravy.  Okay in our house we don’t really have leftovers very often certainly since we got Buddy – oh, what am I saying we didn’t have many before.  The leftovers, or rather extras, are heated up in a frying pan with a touch of oil.  We had it the week before last and B actually preferred the Bubble & Squeak to the Roast.

Roasts aren’t something we usually have in fact when forced to analyse it due to being anaemic meat isn’t something we usually eat, well B has ham on his barm cakes for work.  (Except and forgive me if I’ve already mentioned this, for one night when I was in hospital when he had made his usual batch at the beginning of the week to freeze and tucked into them one night to find there was no ham on either barm cake.  Bless!)  I knew I didn’t eat that much dead animal but didn’t realise just how little and this could possibly be why I am normally slightly anemic.

After both the Myeloma Nurse said and one of my vegan nutrition books (which stops just short of saying meat eaters should be lined up and shot) admitted that the best utilised sources of iron were animal I’ve made a concerted effort to eat more.  I don’t want to talk about the lamb madras the other Saturday which I forced down and which nearly put me off Indian curries completely.

So today we were going to have a roast again.  That would be twice so far this year at home as opposed to not at all last year.  B got the veg from Tesco and as I was going to the library in ‘the village’ I thought I’d visit the local butchers for some very fresh beef, they have their own abattoir, and go the post office.

Now at the back of my mind I kinda thought that the post office may have funny hours on a Monday and that some businesses may close however since I was going to the library I thought I might as well call anyway.

As it turned out the back of my mind was right and after a successful trip to the library it turned out the post office has an extended lunch on a Monday and the butchers was closed.  So for tea we ended up having quinoa with tomatoes, onion and mint with haluomi cheese in pita pockets.  At least quinoa was on the list in the ‘shoot meat eaters’ book as a source of iron.


5 responses to “Not a Sunday Roast

  1. If you’d said something earlier I could have sent the rest of the beef joint we had yesterday for our Sunday roast. Mike loves Bubble and Squeak too, although I’ve never ever made it for him.

  2. ah there is always next time for the good old roast…although all i have from a roast is yorkshires and roasties so i can’t really talk 😛

  3. I whipped out my crockpot last week to do a slow cooked roast after reading about Roo’s triumphs. I had hot oil splash up on my arm while I
    was browning the roast and having no recipe book, I bluffed out a recipe
    and all I got for a pretty badly burned arm was a yucky tasting, yet very tender meal. Maybe I need to start thinking Vegan myself. I mean, I wasn’t shot or anything but maybe it was a warning! ;o)

  4. Love, love, love bubble and squeak!! Quinoa’s good too, but bubble and squeak … yum!!

  5. Ooh yeah gotta love that quinoa! Can’t have feta here though because my daughter is dairy-allergic. Hence we are either vegan or carnivore, with nothing in between!

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