Let’s not be rash!

I’m still itchy.  I thought it was getting better.  The prickly heat type tiny lumps have evened out and the back of my hands are now more dry than anything else and the rash in the small of my back hasn’t really itched – until today.

My hands peak and trough from no itching to intense itching that then stops.  I have been taking the Chlorphenamine 4mg (Periton) but only one about 20:30 so that the itching doesn’t bother me at night as my hands get itchier the hotter they are.  However last night somehow, possibly B getting ready to come to bed at 2:00 and loading the dishwasher with what seem like a surplus amount of clanking, I woke up and the itching was so intense I had to get up and look how many tablets I could take in a day because with taking just the one I hadn’t checked.  I took another one and nodded off.

This morning the small of my back was itching so I resorted to yet another Chlorphenamine which may or may not have resulted in a nap this afternoon whilst B washed the car.

Interestingly I read when I was catching up with filing my paperwork backlog – I finally found the receipt for the TV in my sewing room which has a line across the screen and the letter from the gas supplier saying they had overcharged everyone in 2007 and they’d like to give us some back but not yet the card reader so that we can access the bank accounts online – so I read that Doxorubicin can cause a rash in an area where radiotherapy has been given and that would certainly apply to the small of my back.  My hands? I have always had a tendency to prickly heat in really hot weather so maybe they are a weak point and since three out of the five things I’m taking can cause rashes they are easy game.

Anyhoo moving onto less itchy things I called into TK Maxx – which if you are not familiar with it is like a bazaar with racks of clothing split into type ie, trousers and then size with only occasionally two items the same.  You then have to sort through all sorts of tat, I mean designer items that previously retailed at ridiculous pounds, until you drop onto that perfect item.  B hates it and I have to admit I have to be in a certain mood because you have to work hard to find something.  I went in to find some long sleeved tops because the PICC line has highlighted a severe lack of these in my wardrobe resulting in me wearing my Primark cardigan a lot over the last two and a half weeks and let’s just say it’s showing it in the washing.  I rooted until I found the perfect thing – a pair of casual fit linen trousers!

Hey, they would appear to be bargain – when I googled the designer, Fenn Wright Manson, their website had slightly more tailored linen trousers for £79 and £89.  I paid £19.99 – let’s just hope they wash better than the Primark cardy.



7 responses to “Let’s not be rash!

  1. Que horrible los eruption! I know if I wake up with mosquito bites, they also itch so much I cannot go back to sleep. My deep sympathies to you for the unknown rash. I know I read somewhere that many chemo-therapies cause the skin to dry out and then it becomes vulnerable to lots of things. There are some good creams available for just that objective – to keep the skin moisturized without greasing it up.
    Good searching at the MAXX for long sleeves!!

  2. Paula, if you’re drying out (which will definitely make you itch) go to Boots and ask for Cetraben cream (or get a prescription – not sure how much they charge for those any more) . A huge container is about 9 quid – and it’s so worth it. The itch will always be worse with dry skin and this cream is regularly prescribed for eczema patients like me. I buy it up in bulk whenever I’m back in the UK!! Hope you get some relief – itchy hands are really nasty.

  3. ah good old TK maxx 😛 I have a love hate relationship witht hat place…..as you say you have to work really hard to find somethign good but when you do….it does feel pretty good!!

    I hope the rash gets better soon! I kind of know how you feel in terms of rashes! I had an un explained rash for years and years! It drove me mad….I was covered in incredibly itchy hives that would just appear randomly! Sometimes I could barely sleep with the itchiness!! I hope you find something that relieves it!!

  4. I can sympathize with you about the itching. It doesn’t happen often, but just last night I could not get away from it. Every nerve ending on my torso and legs wanted attention. Sorry to hear that we share that condition. If you find a good solution, please share it! Our very best to you from Georgia.

  5. So did you also buy a Vivienne Westwood punk t-shirt for red nose day, Ms Designer-fashion -lady?
    Anyway re rash: are you too hot in bed? Why not try less blankets / thinner duvet / no pjs? bA ag of frozen peas might be going too far and not conducive to sleep!

  6. I meant “A bag of frozen peas”

  7. Seems you might have caught Mike’s fleas. 😉

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