Lady of the Mist

This week my creative space is filled with cross stitch – which I finally started today (actually I started it on Wednesday and went over three threads instead of two in the middle of my first row so undid it and put it to one side).

Its Lady of the Mist by Mirabilia – I just love Nora Corbett’s designs and have done a few previously.

It ends up looking like this…

So not much left to do!

Other creative spaces are here!

We had a quick trip to the Royal this afternoon for my PICC line flushed and the dressing changed.  When the sticky stuff came of it was and I quote a bit ‘ezcema looking’ so different sticky stuff was stuck and we’ll see how it is next Friday.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the time off – oh yes, cross stitch!

5 responses to “Lady of the Mist

  1. I’m glad you showed us what the finished product is going to look like because right now it bears a strong resemblance to a squished green bug from my blog…. was that the one you were thinking might be useful for wrapping skeins?
    You are so creative and do such remarkable things I am certain the cross stitch will be beautifully done in no time!
    I am intending this new medical plan brings things around for the good for you, P.

  2. So much patience required! I will stick to knitting and sewing I think! So is this a different rash to the one in the small of your back etc? Hope they get them all sorted out.

    • Yes it’s different. I think its a reaction to the sticky stuff but strangely its not itchy. The allupruinol apparently can cause rashes – a blister like one amongst them and that’s what the hand/back rash is like – teeny, tiny spots – just like prickly heat. And of course so can the Velcade. The back of my hands look about 103. ;D

  3. Oh my – that looks like something that takes a lot of patience and excellent eyesight (rules me out on both counts!!).

  4. That cross stitch looks amazing!! Iv never attempted anything so detailed!!

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