Where’s my cake? Keep the hat! by Buddy

Today was my birthday.  I joined the Kilgallon household on 9 September at woofly, I mean roughly 18 months old so B decided that they’d add six months and that would be my new birthday.

I was told last week there would be cake and hats and I have to say I’ve seen neither today, although I’m not sorry on the hat front if they’re anything like the antlers.

However I did get presents which I unwrapped myself!  I got this…

and this…

which turned into this…

I also got a new cover for my floor mat which I was obviously really, really tail waggingly excited about.  Mmm sure, I preferred that to another toy!

And even though it was my birthday Paula got something too…

And my attempt to follow the delivery man to check our his van for cake got me called a cheeky monkey by P.

Here I am inspecting them – apparently the green spikey ones are not for eating.

Now I’m not saying that P goes into The Wool Shop a lot but that’s who sent them to let her know that they are thinking about her.  P was very touched – well more touched than normal (paw to noggin gesture).

Until next time – Happy Wagging!

8 responses to “Where’s my cake? Keep the hat! by Buddy

  1. Happy Birthday Buddy. There was obviously a break down in communication as neither L or M told me it was your birthday today. If I’d known I’d have popped up to see you and give you an extra special pressie.
    May be next year.
    Love Toni x x x

  2. Lisa Maxwell

    Birthday, Buddy! Next time, let those toys last a bit! Lovely flower, Paula – sure to brighten the day!

  3. Lisa Maxwell

    Somehow we lost the “happy”!

  4. Happy Birthday Buddy! A toy fox is being shredded in your honor
    today by your friend Lacey.(whose mommy has decided not to waste any more money on dog toys and so she’s hoping her birthday in May will soften her mom’s resolve)

  5. Scott, who is tri-lingual (barking in German, Spanish or English) said he was caught completely off-guard with this birthday announcement and had he been warned, he would have sent you some of the interesting bugs and moths found here in S.A. or at the very least some of the incredibly annoying cats who drive him crazy by running along the tops of the fence where he cannot reach them. At any rate, he’s wishing you a hoppy birthday belatedly.

  6. I like that, Sandy! A Very Hoppy Birthday (belated) to you, Buddy! 🙂
    Signed: Puzzola, Piccolo, Priscilla, Peekaboo and Pinga!

  7. Happy Birthday, Buddy!! Wow, you really do know how to chew a toy – good and proper! Job well done!

  8. Paula, one look at the destroyed cloth puppy gift spread out all over the floor had Linda and I laughing out loud! Why do our pups want to completely shred certain stuffed animals? Oh well, happy birthday bud!

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