Broomsticks Away

How’s the broomstick lace going I hear you ask.  Well last night I thought it was a big mistake and I should have picked another throw to make however after watching a video on it today on Stitch Diva (after following Fiona’s link to look at her ‘one day’ cardigan pattern ) I undid all except the bottom two rows and gave it another go.  This time I’m happier with it.

The book I’m using Berroco Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans (which I love) says that you should leave the loops on the needle and take them off as you work your way across crocheting into a batch of six.

The video I watched whipped the needle out and picked up the stitches as you went along – bit risky I thought and then I tried it – it’s so much easier…

The book also works a locking stitch at the beginning of the row picking up the loops – my locking stitch was ending up big enough to drive a truck through and leaving a very untidy edge.  Soooooooo after watching said video I tried the edge again but with just chain stitch and it works so much better.

So I only have 6.8 lengths yet to lace although now I’ve gotten the hang of it, it does grow quite quickly.

On the itchy rash front – it’s itchier and has also taken up residence in the small of my back so I’m probably looking, to quote my Great Auntie Betty, lousy.



3 responses to “Broomsticks Away

  1. Paula, it’s fantastic! Glad Stitch Diva was helpful – I use their tutorial page for any crochet stitches I don’t know … which is most of them really (lately they saved the day on double trebles in US crochet terminology)!!

    The itchy rash really doesn’t sound great …

  2. I don’t understand why you need a knitting needle to crochet but I will take your word for it – the end result is certainly impressive!
    Sorry about the rash – are you sure it’s not the Velcade causing it?

  3. I like that colour yarn!! I can’t beileve how big that needle is 😛 madness!

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