Itchy and Scratchy

After an afternoon nap yesterday and an early night, 22:00, which turned into watching a film until nearly midnight, Extraordinary Measures (where a father attempts to find a cure for his children’s wasting disease) – really lovely, I was ready for another trip to the Royal this morning arriving at 10:00 courtesy of Uncle Ray.

The nurse had trouble getting blood from my PICC line so had to do it the old fashioned way and I was still reluctant to part with it!  And then the PICC line wouldn’t co-operate again and I had to sit with my arm out for the saline either side of the Velcade and I’d had to make a difficult decision before leaving the house which impacted on this.  I couldn’t fit the book I really wanted to read, Terry Prachett’s I Shall Wear Midnight (yes I know it’s a children’s book before anyone points it out), in the bag with my knitting, my notebook, my purse, my phone, my sandwiches, a tomato, crisps and two clementines – one with leaves still attached.  So I had to find something that would fit, as it turned out that was 800 Years of Haunted Liverpool that a friend had given me, and all 800 years were read about – well the interesting ones.

I left the Royal just after 13:00 after picking up a prescription for Periton – I have an interesting prickly heat type rash on the backs of my hands.  After confirming that I’d not ventured into new ground with washing powder or washing me powder the pharmacist said it could be the Velcade or the Allupruinol and prescribed Periton but said only to take it if it really itches as it (the Periton not the rash) can cause drowsiness.  At the moment its background itching – if I’m otherwise engaged I don’t really notice.  The next cycle starts a week on Friday but I need to go back Thursday afternoon to get my PICC line flushed and the dressing changed or if the rash spreads I’ll need to go back sooner.

I decided I had enough energy to walk down to Abakhan Fabrics and when I got there at 13:30 decided to ring B who was getting up then.  Part way through the message my phone’s battery went.

I got my yarn – you have to get your priorities right – and left undecided whether to go back to the Royal or to the station.  There were no public phones in sight so as the station was downhill and would have phones I headed in that direction.

I arrived to see a bank of phones ahead of me and to hear an announcement that the train leaving Platform 3 was going my way in two minutes.  So I got the train which turned out to be an express so from the train leaving at 13:57 I arrived in St Helens at 14:12ish!  I knew the buses used to go at 25 minutes past the hour and decided to see if that was still the case rather than ring B from the station, they did and so I got the bus home for an exorbitant fee.

As I was walking along the main road that’s two lefts from our road who appears in the car at the T-junction in front of me – Bernard!  I waved – B looked relieved. Maybe not as relieved as I was – if B had headed off into Liverpool whilst I was sitting at home with Bud I think I’d have needed a bed for a couple of nights or at the very least earplugs!

I’m now off to test drive my new yarn and try broomstick crochet minus the broomstick!


4 responses to “Itchy and Scratchy

  1. The dreaded Allupruinol! Thats how my allergy started, then it got worse. I could hardly bend my fingers and face all swelled up. If it does get worse, I would recommend that is the first thing the change/drop as with me it was the last after them trying loads of other things first.

  2. Be-witching, not itching! Then you can use the broomstick for speedy travel to and from the Royal!! Seriously, am intending that this new wrinkle solves the problem without creating new ones!

  3. Don’t be greedy!! Allergies and myeloma? You need someone to give you a break, seriously!!

    I can sympathise with the itchiness … I have quite a few allergies and I’m an anti-histamine junkie. I say, if the drug of choice makes you drowsy, just take it late afternoon and you’ll get a great, itch-free sleep. No downsides!!

    Enjoy your broomstick lace – can’t wait to see what you’re making! So far I’ve only done a small cuff like the one on kootoyoo’s site … one of these days I’ll summon up the courage to order this:
    Well …. maybe!!

  4. Is that the same allopurinol that is supposed to stop gout? Is this the NHS’s new favourite drug or something?
    I am coming to the conclusion that mobile phones cause too much stress as we rely on instant communication far too much and worry when we don’t get it.
    Happy broomsticking!

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