Clinics and Plays

Friday off we popped for more Velcade (day 8 of the cycle) and arrived at the Day Unit to

‘Have you been to clinic?’ from the very nice young man on reception as I was barely through the door.

Head shake from me.

‘Did you know you had a clinic appointment?’

Further shaking of head.

One of the nurses took blood from my line and off I went with my little sample down to clinic after ensuring that the very nice young man on reception would point B in the right direction.

The doctor we finally saw was new to us.  I had seen her about but we’d never had the pleasure of a consultant.

My blood counts were

Haemoglobin – 10.8 (normal range 11.8 – 14.8)

White blood cells – 1.6 (normal range 3.5 – 11.0)

Platelets – 66 (normal range 150 – 400)

Neutrophils – 0.9 (normal range 2.0 – 7.5)

The haemoglobin increase from 7.9 on Monday obviously explains why I have felt so much better since the two units of blood on Tuesday.  Oh and I haven’t had a temperature spike since Tuesday either!

I got some  more Odanestron anti sickness meds which certainly seem to do the job in managing the little bit of queasiness I’ve been getting, and it is only a little bit – but enough to put me off food!

New to us lady doc also informed us of my bone marrow biopsy results – it was high.  Yes, it was high, I didn’t ask for a percentage and if one had been offered I would probably have stuck my fingers in my ears and LA LA’ed.  I generally want to know everything however this is one thing I have, as yet, no desire to find out.  I’m not even keen on seeing other peoples’ percentages and I think I know why.  With the paraprotein level there’s no lid on it but with a percentage there is a cap of 100 and I can cope with high but am not at all too sure how I’d feel about knowing an actual figure in say, the 80s or (gulp) higher.  So you’ll all have to just go with high too!

Back we went to the Day Unit for the Velcade and having it flushed through caused me an issue – how is it possible my PICC line is above my elbow so in theory I should be able to bend my arm to my heart’s content whilst getting stuff in and it shouldn’t affect the flow – not on Friday.  If I bent my arm to knit the flow slowed down.  I thought I was imagining it and then the nurse noticed and after several go’s of ‘arm straight’, ‘arm bent’ it had to be straight so I couldn’t knit – oh, the humanity.

Then we went out for lunch thanks to Odanestron and after went and ordered the ever so comfy chair for me from John Lewis, where the price had gone up, B made the young male shop assistant go red whilst asking for a discount (as the choice of leather to match the new settee pushed the price up as well) and I stopped him short of speaking to the manager.  As it turned out there was another lady buying the chair at the same time and she did demand the manager.  I don’t think she got anywhere and with the number of times B has mentioned it since I should have let him speak to the manager too.

We didn’t have time to get yarn for my big fat size 19mm knitting needle and 5mm crochet hook – and yes as per Fiona’s use of the same size needle it is for broomstick lace!

After getting home at 18:00 I went to a play at the theatre in Wigan at 19:00 which one of the chaps from armchair yoga was in.  Admittedly the content was a bit of a surprise since somehow I’d forgotten what it was called and thought it was a comedy and it turned out to be Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution!  It was very good however.

It’s no wonder I slept in until 10:00 this morning but today I’ve managed to turn the clean washing pile back into the ironing pile and get it ironed – it’s amazing how far you can get on two units of someone else’s blood!

5 responses to “Clinics and Plays

  1. So glad you are feeling better mind you your day would have knackered anyone!Your comment about your PICC line made me laugh remembering the times I have had to stand, cough and even flap my arm like a demented chicken to get mine working!!Hope your energy levels last !! Bridget x

  2. Paula, our thoughts and prayers are with you during this cycle of chemo. Hopefully you will be feeling much better soon. Sorry that the PICC line gets in the way of your super talent to knit. The Nats were at our home today for a bit and just had to cuddle with the myeloma puppies while watching 101 Dalmations with me today. Thank you again. Our best to you……..EZ

  3. Glad you’re feeling a bit better!! I’d have stern words with your PICC line … getting in the way of knitting just isn’t cricket! Does the Velcade take long?

    You’ll enjoy broomstick lace – it grows quite quickly once you get the hang of it … I had a hard time working out how to manage the needle and a crochet hook at first!

  4. Can you not knit with both arms straight? Good exercise too….lol.
    Got to wait till end of month for the pleasure of my consultant…. although he wears a wig, so i’m not so desperate….lolx

  5. I need to take more interest in FL’s numbers – the Freelite ratio is the only set that means anything to me, but I need to get my head around the old platelets / white blood cells etc before his next appointment. I don’t think we have ever seen a bone marrow % figure. I don’t think I want to either. Sometimes it is all TOO MUCH.

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