A First!

Yesterday we had a first and I sincerely hope that we never have a second!

I was safely deposited at the Royal by my Uncle Ray at 10:30.

My blood counts showed my Hb had gone back to 7.9 and as it was under 8.0 two units of blood were recommended for today.

I then had my Velcade and guess what? Yes, you get sold a PICC line and how it can be used for allsorts and then its otherwise engaged (with the Doxorubicin) so I needed a canula for the Velcade and then I needed to provide a cross match sample for the blood which, on the second attempt, the nurse had to coax from me.

B picked me up at 16:00 ish and when I got home I hit the settee and basically moved as little as possible for the rest of the night.

B more or less forced me from the settee so that I could have a shower and he could play ‘Let’s cut off the Press’n’Seal’ and asked me if I wanted him to stay off work.  He’d already planned on having tonight off so that any late exit from the Royal didn’t get in the way of work.  I suggested we see how I felt after a shower, B said he’d get changed into his works stuff anyway, then took another look at me and said ‘I’ll ring in and ask for a holiday.’  The first time this has ever happened.

It turned out to be just as well because after my shower my temperature spiked to 39.6 thus demanding even more time on the settee! However with the aid of two paracetemol, a fan and wet hanky we finally got it down to a more manageable 37. something.  At the moment we’re working on the basis that if its in the low 37s its okay.

I also felt slightly queasy last night and this morning.  The sister said next time I should start taking some anti sickness medication a few days before and then during the Doxorubicin to avoid this.

Needless to say after two units of blood (thank you very much blood donor) I am feeling way better tonight and despite being at the Royal from 9:30 to 17:00 the time just whizzed by, and not because of knitting or crocheting of which not much got gone, but because the company of the three ladies in the same room was exceptional!




10 responses to “A First!

  1. I found taking the ondansetron prior to and after the doxorubicin works for me. When I had the PICC line I had a dual line fitted so that they could pump the chemo in and use the other one for anything that they needed, including the Velcade. The only problem was it was so tight trying to force both lines up one vein, which I think was part of my problem. They always had to use one of the drips (baxter) that virtually squeezes it into your viens! Glad your feeling a bit better. Charito asked how you was before and I was going to email you as you hadn’t blogged. x

  2. Mike recommends Ondansetron, he claims it is the only one to work. I reckon it’s only because he knows how expensive it is and only accepts the very best in treatment. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Lisa Maxwell

    Hope you are soon feeling much better, Paula! Seems the only good part of the day was the company of the three ladies (that always helps during an infusion)! Let everyone pamper you; you have earned it!

  4. Hi,
    Just found your site! My sister has myeloma and for the past 7 months I continue to look for info and support. She is scheduled for a SCT starting Sunday. She had a similar exp. with dex. In fact it really set her back and allowed the myeloma an advantage we think. But she has done well on Velcade in spite of being ‘upgraded’ to plasma cell leuk. ( we believe this happened because she had lost ground on dex). Check out the research studies where curcumin has been shown to increase effectiveness of Velcade by something like 25 -75%. She started taking curcumin(told her doc…his reply..”sure, whatever you like”) at the beginning of Nov.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with MM.

  5. Very happy to hear about the blood transfusions as this will help you heal. Anything under 9, in my opinion, is bad for overcoming. Hope you can add some natural stuff to keep you going.Prayers!

  6. I’m pulling for you to feel much better, Paula. Come on counts and temps, get it in gear! Hugs to you from many in the States. Sean

  7. I think you have to stop wrapping yourself up all the way with that Press N Seal… leave a little room to breath!

  8. “A Company of Ladies” – isn’t that a film?!
    Glad to hear B is taking care of you. You take care of yourself too!

  9. So, so sorry your day was so miserable. Holding you close in thought.

  10. Hope you are feeling a bit better! Take care 🙂

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