Gypsy Rose Lee

I think my crystal ball may need a bit of a polish – it’s a bit murky!

That is my little ball of Doxorubicin.  On Friday it did actually fill almost to popping that outer bag so it would appear to be travelling up the tiny tube and into me, and a very pretty colour it is too.

Here’s the speed limit token!

AND when I picked the title of this post I thought Gypsy Rose Lee was well I guess a gypsy – and was quite surprised to discover she was in fact, amongst other things, a burlesque entertainer.  Any similarity stops at the title!

5 responses to “Gypsy Rose Lee

  1. The rose part works, tho….

  2. “Any similarity ends at the title!”
    What a way to disappoint B.

    We forgot to mention that B. regaled us with tales of ticket machines and parking spaces on our journey to the station. Bless. 😉

  3. I know the medical part of the post is key, but I can’t stop looking at your bracelets!

  4. I was awfully accused by the title 😛 I do love your braclets also!!

  5. “Share a Square 2010. Hookers united…..” You really do have a crystal ball.

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