Extreme Ironing – Creative Space Thursday

My creative space this week is filled with the ironing board which has now been up three weeks.  Just in case I have to use it (such as ironing something casual to wear yesterday that wasn’t jim jams) we left it up.

When I got this ironing board I raved over it.  The ironing surface is huge! All that space for all that crafting stuff.  You can also plug the iron into the board so you can stand miles (well you know what I mean) from the socket.

Well I should say when I got the first one I raved over it.  That one then slid down the wall and sheared off at one of the welds, our next door neighbour who is very handy welded it for me but it did it again and I thought that the lean that one was exhibiting was due to this. Obviously not.  B took that one back and swapped it.

This ironing board has obviously decided to make ironing an extreme sport, now I seem to remember once seeing a news article about extreme ironers jumping off cliffs or something like that, but it’s not something you expect to encounter in your sewing room.

So since it is now blatantly obvious how I managed to burn myself whilst hurriedly ironing a pair of pants for my impromptu holiday – I took my eye off the iron and it slide off the edge and into my leg.

B has been informed that I would like a new one, not the same brand and not as big – I decided with ironing boards size isn’t everything!

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8 responses to “Extreme Ironing – Creative Space Thursday

  1. I want a wooden ironing board. They just look more stable somehow.
    Ah the joys of housewiffery!

  2. That is why I don’t iron. Never have been one for dangerous sports! 😉

  3. Ouch!! I’m accident prone (although I appear to be more into concussion… than burns!), so your tilting board would be absolutely no good for me! I would demand another one pronto!!

  4. You get extra points for ironing under adverse conditions!!! No, actually YOU get extra points for ironing at all!! 😉

  5. I try not to iron unless there are no other options, but definately don’t think I could manage the tilt on yours! So sorry about your leg. Time for a new one I do believe!

  6. It’s a shame to see that lovely ironing board be thrown away. Sure
    your M-I-L isn’t in need of one? ;o)

  7. I’m with Sandy and Denise… 😉

  8. Extreme Snow Boarding I Understand. Extreme Iron Boarding is new to me. Looks like a tough sport. It probably is popular in Europe as I have not seen it here in the states. We will watch for you during the next Olympics. Go Paula! (Sorry to hear of your ironing injury. Burns are the worst.)

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