Stuff I managed to make on my spur of the moment holiday

Whilst I was on my impromptu holiday I finished this…

It was two thirds done already and I think it may need blocking after its washed. BLOCKING!  I don’t usually block anything.

And I did these from my mystery Crochet Club 2011.  The thing is I was sure I’d already done one corner but I can’t find a fourth one despite shaking the bag they were in about 20 times as if it may appear as if by magic.

I couldn’t do any more because of the 2.5mm crochet hook crisis.  However I had two hand delivered to choose from today by the lovely people from here. This is the one I picked…

so now I can finish January’s bits and I notice February’s have been sent out too! I’m such a bad club member/student!

I knit a bunch of Myeloma Buddies too but these cannot yet be revealed.

And I read a lot of The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  I am now on part five of the trilogy and have to admit Part Four – So long and thanks for all the fish – didn’t make a whole lot of sense – could’ve been me!

And this is where my own little Buddy has been lying while I typed this…

talk about making yourself comfy, he’s got one of B’s pillows either end – I won’t tell if you don’t!


4 responses to “Stuff I managed to make on my spur of the moment holiday

  1. Your mystery crochet club is definitely mysterious … what the heck is that?!!! Glad you got your hooks sorted … and that Bud is totally chilled (what a dog!).

  2. It’s so mysterious it didn’t even show up on my screen! But I did get to see the puppy pillow snatcher in all his glory… how is B’s sense of smell?

  3. you make so beautiful things.. I am so glad you are home and so very comfy again… {{{{hugs}}}}

  4. I am a sucker for chevron patterns — knit or crocheted. And the colors you chose are so very pretty.

    As for any tubing going into any part of me — looking away is the very least I will do. I’ll hum songs, I’ll picture favorite movies/TV shows, think about good books. . . You, as I’ve long known, are a braver soul than I.

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