Back Home

It would appear I was a bit of a muppet yesterday and even though I mentioned seeing Bud I neglected to say I was actually home.  We left the Royal on Friday and arrived home on Saturday!

The plan was two units of blood and back as an out patient on Tuesday. I only started getting the blood at 14:45! And then made the nurse repeat eight hours several times and even though I knew each bag took four hours I hadn’t really appreciated the concept of time until that point.

There was a bit of a delay because of the cross matching which happens every time that blood is given to avoid the wrong blood being given.  The YTS (youth trainee scheme – we don’t have these anymore but this was a good description – not mine) had boo booed on the form. It was mostly manually completed and she’d twisted or omitted a figure so the whole sample had to go bye bye.

However all was not lost as B arrived at 16:30 and we had pizza for tea later from across the way.

We left the Royal at 23:40 and got home, accordingly to B who said we would be home by 00:15 at 00:12 or 00:13!

I had a shower and then sat on the landing with Bud whilst B put the clean sheets on.  He declined my assistance until it came to the buttons and then no sooner was the duvet on the bed than I was under it and fast asleep – I had slept well at the Royal but let’s face it there is nothing like your own bed.

Oh and B did warn me that although he had hoovered and cleaned the bathroom things on the dining table and in MY sewing room were a little out of hand.  I mean I fully expected the ironing board still to be up from when I had panic ironed my linen pants before jaunting off two weeks before and I wasn’t disappointed!

I am responsible for the two spaniels and the pile of paper that I had to root through that Friday night as we needed to pay the credit card bill and B thought that before we went would be a good time!

Again the hardboard came from checking if the little card reader had fallen down the back of the shelves.  I then proceeded to burn my leg with the iron.  It was at this point that B decided we would leave the bill.

I have to admit the little black bag is mine but B had apparently tidied the table!




6 responses to “Back Home

  1. So happy you’re home! There is no bed like your own and the same can be said for the head, or the loo i think you call it.

    I got my monthly zometa infusion Friday in the Dana Farber’s (Boston) brand new, eight or ten story building. I’m sure it will in some way improve treatment efficiency, but it felt like an overwhelmingly, sterile and structured environment. Feels like it would be better set in Manhattan, which can be a fun place to visit but everything is to big to feel affection for…

    The New York Yankees baseball team is a manifestation of the arrogance of “the city”. Of course, this is from the mouth of a Boston Red Sox life long fan. The first requirement to be a ‘Sox” fan is to hate the Yankees. ( In truth they are a great team made up of phenomenal athletes like Derek Jeter.)

    Back to the new building. The original was a storied, old facility that housed the Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund clinics. Dana and Farber were early on cancer specialists and the Jimmy Fund was founded in the early 50’s around a campaign named after a little boy who survived to older age. (my age, which is why I said older rather than the more commonly used, ‘old age’). Anyway, it had the kind of familiar feel of an old house that is structurally sound but with the harsh corners and angles worn smooth. In the new place on Friday they sent me from floor three, to seven and back to three for blood draw and infusion, I couldn’t help but notice how rich and sharp cornered the place was. Same nurses though, thank God.

    Sorry for rambling on. What this started out to be was a simple statement about you arriving home. I was thinking how warm and bright your house appears in the pictures and what a fitting setting it is for the love story that is Paula and B. And Bud.

  2. Glad you are home, sorry about the iron trying to attack you, and know that your B is really an Angel in Disguise for hoovering about for you… he must have been trying to deal with all his worrying by cleaning – that is what I do! Anyhow, just dropping in to say “Hi.”

  3. I admit to feeling a bit confused as to what B. was doing, hoovering and cleaning “the bathroom things on the dining table.” Ah, what a fun image that was…until I realized you had simply left out a comma. 😉
    Okay, seriously, now: leave the bloody iron alone until you feel 100% better.
    Watch TV/rest/write your posts but otherwise do nothing…
    Ironing (& housework in general) = strictly forbidden…!

  4. Are you showing off again? You with your tidy house and clean floors?!
    Good to hear you are back home. Now take it easy – that’s an order!

  5. So glad you are home and can rest in your own bed. I am very impressed with how tidy everything looks for the ‘woman of the house’ being away for two weeks!

  6. Just as sock yarn doesn’t really count as stash yarn, creative space disarrays don’t count as messes.

    Glad you’re home.

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