Creative Space Thursday – Hospital Beds!

Okay so my Creative Space this week is a little different from usual.  Here it is…

and I’ve managed to knit a hat for one of the Health Care Assistants who joking asked for a hat…

and now won’t believe that I knit it!

I finished off a small crochet baby blanket but I haven’t got a pic and it got sent home.  And I did some more of the Crochet Club stuff but then couldn’t get my hands on a size 2.5mm crochet hook – one friend who is still not completely settled with Bud said that she’d rather hug Bud than go into a wool shop for one.  When she was telling her husband he said he would get me one – I told her she should hang her head in shame at that!

The amount of production is a real indicator of how tired I’m feeling, I think I did maybe one  treble crochet last Thursday!

You can probably see some less odd creative spaces here.

I haven’t forgotten Thinning Thursdays but so far no one has been round to w-hey us!

6 responses to “Creative Space Thursday – Hospital Beds!

  1. I’d love to say that the bed looks comfy … but it really doesn’t! Perhaps your friend is worried about what Bud will chew if she nips out to the wool shop? I can’t believe there is anything unpleasant about buying a crochet hook!!

    Hope things improve soon, Paula … I’ve still got my fingers crossed that they find some weird bug rather than the other option.

  2. Are your needles bent cos you’re a tucker? 😉

  3. Thank you so much for sharing and the free pattern!
    Have no idea, if and when I’ll use it.
    Must be just a pattern freak 🙂

    Healing vibes to you and your buddies!!!

  4. Well, the look is a little spare, and I can’t say much for the color scheme, but, creative spaces are where you find them!

    Love and hugs.

  5. So happy you are up to blogging again, and always with your usual sense of humor! We are praying that you are back to 100% (or as close as an MM patient can get) soon!

  6. just getting caught up on all this. hope you’re much better soon, and in a cozier creative space. though, that lil bit of knitting sure cozies up that bed.


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