Happy Birthday Bernard! Happy Birthday Bernard!

Well we didn’t get a phone call from the m-i-l about the card but look what B got when he called to see her yesterday…

one picked by me and one by his brother.

Our visit to the GP this morning resulted in blood test being sent off with results to them evening, things getting prodded and stethoscoped, blood pressure being taken (with B asking if he could have his done! cheeky monkey). As my temp was down to 37.4 this morning, I felt tired rather than ill and the thought that more antibiotics may not be a good idea without knowing exactly what the root cause was we are waiting and seeing.

And I may have mentioned once or twice before that I love our GPs well now I love them just that little bit more.  I am under doctor’s orders to take it easy this weekend – how fantastic is that!

7 responses to “Happy Birthday Bernard! Happy Birthday Bernard!

  1. The m-i-l should have saved one for next year don’t you think? II’m trying to guess which one you bought, possibly the bigger one that wouldn’t fit through the postbox?

  2. LOVE getting authoritative directives to be lazy!!!!!

    And a very happy day to Bernard.

  3. Say Happy Birthday to B for us! Hope you are feeling much better very soon. Did your M_I_L sign both cards? Wonderful.

  4. GLad B had a wonderful birthday and you chose a lovely card, life is a laugh if you let. I do hope that you can pick up a little, this MM is never easy, even if you are in remission like me. My immune system is always looking for ways to break down but I am on watch. We leave for a road trip this week so that will be interesting. On my blog, I have taken a page from you, NO no m-i-l son’t have one but including animal anecdotes. Be well chat in a couple of weeks.
    I am looking at a small notebook to take on the road, but next trip.

  5. Goodness girl, since B’s birthday we haven’t heard a word from you… must have been some party!

    I wanted you to know your absence was noted…

  6. HeyPaula – you aren’t the one Lorna is sending virtual flowers to are you? Hope all is well – especially YOU!

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