Creative Space Thursday – Foliage

My creative space this week is a bit of an unusual one for me.  I normally, if at all humanly possible, steer away from anything remotely close to arranging flowers.    However the one exception to this is when we make a trip to the cemtary on my Mum and Dad’s anniversaries.  I did used to buy flowers or wreaths but then I hit on the notion that it was nice to take something out of the ‘garden’ so whatever has been available has been bunched up, ribboned and  transported for a number of years.  Since said anniversaries are December and January I am sometimes a tad lacking in suitable candidates.

So yesterday was my Mum’s 19th anniversary and my father in law’s 2nd, so I decided to apply this rule to B’s Dad too.  However with the snow and our lack of ‘garden’ I didn’t have as much to work with so had to put more effort in.

Yesterday morning I trimmed some foliage and then with spending an hour and a half out at lunch time I didn’t get time to do anything with it.  The GP I saw yesterday is notorious for running late – which once prompted an old lady finding out by hook and by crook who had what time appointment in front of her, then complaining about the delay and then saying that said GP was very thorough and very good!  A bit like the mother in law saying she wasn’t going for her flu jab if she had to wait like last time!

So as neither was going to get to the respective plots after B went to work last night and I didn’t feel like it I left them until this morning before work.  Well so far I’ve only done one.  I managed to find some oasis and a basket that originally held a begonia (never give me a begonia I don’t know what I do with them, I certainly don’t over water them but they tend to break off at soil level when moved about a millimetre). B took his Dad’s this afternoon.

It contained conifer, ivy, some sort of dryish berry (I have no idea what) and some lavender…

I think it may have looked better in the flesh, or rather foliage as B thought it looked good and he doesn’t exactly pull his punches with his opinions.

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3 responses to “Creative Space Thursday – Foliage

  1. this is lovely. I am sure it looks beautiful in person,…. ncie job

  2. What a beautiful basket for the winter season. Very creative use of what you have available!

  3. That’s one thing that bothers me about being 500 miles away from my Daddy’s grave, especially since my mother has become to weak to see after it.

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