Go stick it in your ear!

I feel like I have spent the last 11 days moaning – I feel sick, I have a headache, I’m cold, I’m hot, my back aches, I’ve given myself whiplash from nodding off at my desk, I don’t wanna eat that, I don’t know what I want to eat, I’m melting no, I mean wilting AND I have a spot!

Well not just moaning there has also been a lot of time sleeping, a huge amount of time in the bath and well that’s about it – with work all the whingeing didn’t leave room for anything else.

However I went to see one of our GPs today and by the end of the week I will be remarkable, no wait, I should feel remarkably better.  If I don’t I need to shriek and they will squeeze me in Friday afternoon without an appointment.

I have an ear infection or two.  That is I have an infection in both ears, I don’t know if they know each other or not.  Maybe one liked it and recommended me or found it ran out of room in one and expanded to the other or two separately thought my lug holes made a des res.  Apparently in non-children (I don’t think I qualify as a grown up) ear infections can be present with no earache.

The GP checked applied pressure to my sinus regions still nothing.  I however mentioned this bit of discomfort at the back of my jaw and it could be that that is the same thing.  I said that the only time I had a tooth infection it was ragingly painful and he agreed where this definitely isn’t.  However I am to keep my dental appointment to get it doubly checked out.

As you know I love our GPs (general practitioners, not global positioning satellite) and even though I can shriek on Friday if not better, and can shriek basically any other time I feel the need and I get wool from the receptionists, they let me down today – there were no newsletters!

So roll on remarkable – hopefully by Friday I will be able to open a box of medication without busting the box.  Hey I’ve never had a box of tablets that opened like a box of maltesers before.

What do you mean it’s back to front – this is my phone’s idea of ‘cool’ which I can’t stop it doing!

Oh and to put the top hat on it this morning B got himself dark instead of milk Kit Kats – What a catastraphuf.


6 responses to “Go stick it in your ear!

  1. I know you said that there appeared to be no sinus pressure but just thought I’d add that it is common to get pain in the back teeth area when there are infections going on in the sinus or ear area. There are a branch of nerves that are all closely connected within these 3 areas which is why my sister gets pain in her teeth everytime she gets a sinus infection and babies will pull at their earlobes due to ear pain when they are actually just cutting teeth. Hopefully, it’s all just that simple and I sure hope you feel better soon! And give B my sympathies. I don’t like dark chocolate either.

  2. I hope you have a miraculous recovery by Friday! No wonder you haven’t felt well…there is lots going on with that body of yours! By the way, I love dark chocolate and would have gladly taken the KitKat off B’s hands!

  3. Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. Ear infections are the worst. We saw that you were catching up on commenting on blogs…. Welcome Back as we have missed you. Linda and I also saw that you are recommended as a Health Activist on the WegoHealth website. Congratulations! It looks like a neat organization that provides a needed social networking site for health issues. (Maybe you could also be an activist for ear infections….just kidding!) We are praying that you are feeling much much better soon.

  4. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I’m a dark chocolat-aholic; my name is Sandy…. get it way away from me right now!!!! Oh… I feel I am succumbing… be right back – have to find some….

    So sorry to hear it’s been an ear infection that had laid you low. Important to stay away from dairy products until it is all over as they increase mucus and pressure in the euw-tubes (different than You-Tubes) – short for eustasian tubes. Bet your GP didn’t tell you that and it is really important! Get well, you silly apple.

  6. I, though neither physician nor satellite, do also give you permission to shriek at any time, at any volume, for any reason. (B, too. Dark chocolate? Eeeew.)

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