Dog Ball Thrower – could get interesting especially if it’s not your dog’s ball you throw!

If you have a dog that likes to play fetch while you are out walking, except if you walk at the side of a busy road, you HAVE to get one of these…

Well except with ours we’ve replaced the tennis ball, lasts all of 20 seconds, with a rubber ball, lasts up to a week.  My Uncle Ray kept mentioning a chap near them that uses one to tire his black lab out.  I thought lazy so and so, put a bit of effort and the ball is bound to drop out numerous times on the way from the ground to launch position.  However something changed my mind – basically I throw like a girl!  In my case a pretty young one who’s lucky to get it out of the pram.

So yesterday I nipped to the pet shop and got one.  It is the best £2.99 I have ever spent.  Okay I didn’t shop around I could possibly have got it at the Poundstretcher near Jolleys for £2.98.

I can now throw it as far as B can without one and we had to check out what was over the hill (Bud Hill) where we play the serious game of fetch because this bit of rough ends up on a golf course and we didn’t want him ending up in a water feature.

A lady on a horse asked if B could stop throwing whilst she went past even though we were about 20 feet in from the path, not because of Bud but because her huge black horse was showing an unnerving amount of interest in the ball.  I tell you what I think that would have phased Bud more that the time the Scottie dog decided he’d like to play too.

And whilst I was looking for a picture look what I came across…

It fires four balls up to 200 feet!  Ohhhhhhh, except unless you were playing fetch you couldn’t exactly entertain yourself on the actual walk with this one.  With the original dog thrower you can rub your husband on the back of the head, pretty much anyway especially on top of the hat that he wears with way too much excess hat on top – at best he looks like a smurf at worse… I’ll let you fill that bit in.  And you can mither small furry family member in the same way – apparently Bud’s not too struck on having his tummy tickled whilst he’s walking and needless to say B is less than impressed too.

2 responses to “Dog Ball Thrower – could get interesting especially if it’s not your dog’s ball you throw!

  1. I cannot imagine the visual of you tickling B’s tummy whilst walking… because I start howling with laughter at every permutation…. 😉

  2. This? THIS is why we get along: I have ALWAYS thought the same thing when I see one of those contraptions advertised. “Why on earth would I want to throw my dog’s ball? And why does he have only one?”

    (Though now, the rapid-fire one looks particularly tempting.)

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