We don’t just go to myeloma related appointments together!

I would like to address the comments yesterday that suggested that the only time B and I go out together is for a myeloma related appointment.  This is not true, well not strictly true we also go to my Auntie Ann’s once a week!

That was how I intended to start this post this morning and then justify it by saying I may not go out with my husband but I go out with my friends and they’ll go to places B won’t – let your imagination run wild!  Right, reign it back in and think museums and art stuff.  Sorry to disappoint.

But basically I do have a husband who really won’t go out for a meal unless we are on a trip to Liverpool relating to myeloma or we are on holiday!  When B started working nights in 2008 I imagined that this would give us more leisure time.  However that’s not the case and his sleeping pattern at the weekend is all over the show.  Now I have Friday’s off it may well be different – because I will be going out in the car whether he’s with me or not and he’ll just have to get his finger out in the getting ready department because he takes foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  He criticises me for taking ages but that’s because I seem to think I can start to steam clean the suite or de-moss the roof while I’m waiting.  And why go out for a meal when a takeaway can be delivered, is cheaper and he can stay in his trackie bottoms.

So I would have attempted to justify his lax ways a tad, if we hadn’t had the following conversation when we sat down to use the laptop.  I’d left the only bit I’d done, the first paragraph, open in word and couldn’t get it shut fast enough.  B got the gist of the first sentence…

B:  ‘What was that?’

Me:  ‘What did you see?’

B:  ‘What was it?’

Me:  ‘Fiona and Ruth suggested that we may need to get out more.  They both concluded that the only time we went out together was for a myeloma related appointment.’

B:  ‘Oh!  But that’s not true.’

Me:  ‘No?’

B proudly:  ‘No, we also go to your Auntie Ann’s.’

What more can I say?

10 responses to “We don’t just go to myeloma related appointments together!

  1. I’m sorry …. but visiting family also doesn’t count as a trip out, however much you like them! You definitely need to get out more!

  2. Burn his trackie bottoms.

  3. Um – in the interests of clarity, I mean take them off him and then burn them…

  4. I do believe you are being a little hard on B. He did take you to the beach once with Buddy, although you were late……. 😉 Are they the same trackie bottoms?

  5. Do you and B go out to weddings on Tuesdays?


      • Hang on Kate and Wills get married on a Friday!?!?!

        Highly likely same trackie bottoms. One in three chance however one pair tends to get used more than others. I have attempted to lure him to the beach again but why go to the beach to walk Buddy when you can just walk from the house! ;D

  6. How about some trackie bottoms with pinstripes? Possibly Roo can direct you to the supplier? B obviously prefers comfort over style, but you – with you creative talent – can probably design something that has the look AND still has the comfort he requires… then wherever you two decide to go he won’t have that resistance because he has to ‘dress’ for it… just sayin’

  7. Bet you were wondering who the heck 4windsfl was…. it’s really me with my other blog name – I just forgot to switch ID’s….

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