Cow Innards on the Carpet

Hi I’m Buddy.  I am led to believe that when P started this postAday2011 malarkey she mentioned that at some point I would be involved.  Or as is the case today I get drafted in because P is still feeling a bit pooped and I have to pick up the slack.  Someone being fine this morning and wilting like a delicate bloom about 19:00.  Hmph! Planning, planning, planning but do they listen?

So I would like to give a lesson in how to deal with an out of control cow.  Here is the wild animal I was presented with…

First politely made your acquaintance with the wild but let’s face it slightly dumb animal.  I established that this particular one is called Hildegard.

If she does ‘do a runner’ it is useful to have ensured that she leaves a trail which you can track…

Once retrieved you have to be ever vigilant for two things, back up Hildegards and someone/thing attempting to rustle yours.

In this hectic world sometimes you need to multi-task, dismantling the squeaky device that could possibly – and I’m not committing myself here, have been installed by dodgy aliens – at these times ensure that Hildegard cannot moo off.

And remember your Hildegard does benefit from some cuddle time.

Hope you enjoyed my first first, from what I’ve seen it’s better than the drivel P produces.  To whoof, I mean whet your appetite, things I’m thinking of maybe posting are ‘How to Train Your Non Furry Family Members’ and ‘The Lost Ball Saga – No, ball gets left behind!’.

Until the next time P needs a stand in – Keep those tails wagging or they might seize up and drop off!

Have a whoof-ley weekend!


3 responses to “Cow Innards on the Carpet

  1. Buddy, you have obviously been well-trained in order to get your paws on P’s computer and be able to hammer out such a lively and instructional piece! Good Dog!

  2. Oh Buddy you write so well, making me smile this morning with your antics but I can tell you have a great fondness for this Cow and it was only a little bit of loving , I’m sure it really was – tell Mum .

  3. Hi Buds, great post. However, hinting at the fact and sending subliminal messages is simply not enough. Your non-furry parents are obviously not getting it.
    No, you must TELL them outright that you would really love to have a little brother or sister with whom to play…

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