Feeling better but looking ruff!

I am feeling somewhat better today no headache, no sickness, but picky over my food selection and particularly lethargic/fati-gued and a bit achy/stiff having moved so little over the last couple of days.  Having decided shortly after returning from my acupuncture appointment this morning that nothing in the fridge/cupboard resembled a Sunday roast – noooooo, I didn’t want soup or something light – I had to settle on Curly Fries.  I burnt the first lot!?!?!?! (Note to self – Remember cooking times although sometimes guidelines don’t vary that wildly.)

I decided I was capable of driving the car and since my acupuncture appointment was earlier than usual there wasn’t much traffic on the road.  I’d already decided where I was going to park.  The easiest possible place (and don’t say on the drive at home and take a taxi), a side street with bays running along the edge of the road, no barrier going on or coming off, no major manoeuvring.

I could not believe my luck when I got there, they were ALL the spaces were free!  So I kerb crawled right to the front of the line so I could literally drive straight out.  I got out and walked back to the ticket machine.  It was one where you put your registration numbers in and pay up front for increments of 15 mins.  Fortunately I knew this already because the machine was telling me what to do in Welsh.  Having worked for a couple of Welsh surveyors I cottoned on reasonably quickly that the seemingly random selection of constants and absence of vowels made this a pretty sure bet.  So thinking ‘Hah, gotcha’ and ‘That’s why ALL the spaces are free’, I popped my numbers in and then my pound coin – which went nowhere literally.

The machine was either jammed or full, maybe the resultant Welsh being a cry for help.  I prised my pound coin back out, not with the car key of course, really I didn’t – do you know how much those things cost? And that’s not even getting in the realms of lecture after lecture after lecture because ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time’, doesn’t cut much ice.  Once I’d liberated my coin I noticed that I could see at least two others lodged further in.  Poking them didn’t help either.  I considered whether I could be bothered driving round the corner onto the barrier car park especially since I had negelected to bring my phone (yes I know that is why they are called mobiles) so I couldn’t take a pic of the machine.  Frankly I couldn’t and if I got a ticket I’d slog it out tomorrow with the relevant council office when I felt perkier.

And when I got back there were several other cars who’d followed my example.  Which of course brings to mind the expression used at kid’s ‘Well if such a body stuck their finger in the fire would you?’  I however managed to drive off unsinged.

The amount of lethargy is evident in my parking on the drive…

it’s nearly a foot out of line.  Awwwww!

The only other time I’ve left it skew-if and then not as much, was when I drove home in the snow, and I did attempt to straighten it up that night but lost traction and left it on the basis that B would just prefer it on the drive rather than in the porch or completely blocking the road.  However today I gave straightening it up all of 0.0000000001 milliseconds thought before I dismissed it – normally it would be a very close run decision between leaving the car on the drive cockeyed or doing a Lady Godiva down the local main street.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think I’m gonna end up drooling into my keyboard anytime soon, hopefully, but if the house caught fire the fire would have to wait for me to get out in my own time.  Which reminds me – did I turn the oven off?  Oh well, that’s what smoke alarms are for!

And according to B (a husband who speaks his mind, freely and often) I still look rough.  So having mind to what’s written here and here I’ve taken that as a good thing!



2 responses to “Feeling better but looking ruff!

  1. Not sure you found all this funny at the time, but it’s delightful in the telling!

  2. I truly hope your bout with the stomach bug is over now and that you are feeling more like your regular creative self…

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