Stomach Bug

I felt somewhat better today but really tired and still queasy at the thought of food so I think it must have been a stomach bug rather than just the stronger tablets knocking me for six.   When I first took that strength a couple of years ago they made me nauseous and sleepy but it wore off quickly.  That said my Auntie Ann once took the same strength many years ago and unknowingly reversed over the rockery.

However I have felt a long way from how I usually fee and spent most of the day curled up with Bud on the settee.  In fact he has kept such a close eye on me that when I had a bath just he curled up for a short time on the bathroom floor whereas normally he bolts for the bed in case anyone attempts to get him in the bath.

And I did manage to get the body of a Myeloma Buddy knit.

I have watched more television today than for ages.  One of the things I stayed awake through was The Book of Eli.  Denzel Washington plays a lone warrior protecting a very precious book on a post apocalyptic planet.  Water is a scarce commodity and in one scene he washes himself down with a KFC towelette.  Now I’ve never eaten KFC and in fact have only been in one once and that was to use the toilet.  However I’m thinking that it may be worth a special trip to stock up for the mother in law’s stand up washes!

And now I think I hear the settee calling.  It must be missing me.


7 responses to “Stomach Bug

  1. Doggies know when they have to be ‘on guard’ and keep an eye open for marauders… glad he’s there for you.

  2. ‘Unknowingly reversed over the rockery’….. You lost me on that one, Paula.
    I hope you feel better soon.



  3. Hope you are feeling much better today!

    Our pets are the best nurses in the world. My cats become even more attentive than usual whenever I feel icky. They don’t stir from my side, but lie on/around me, purring madly…or sleeping. Nursing duties can be very tiring. 🙂

    The only problem arises at meal time. Then I usually have to drag myself out of bed and downstairs to feed them. Nursing duties make nurses very hungry (and the nurses can become quite insistent)! 😉

  4. Was this all a cunning plan to avoid your first proper week of work?

    Hope you are feeling better. I cannot believe you’ve never, ever KFC’d! Yummy, if completely bad for you. ;D

  5. So sorry you’re suffering the stomach beast. It’s apparently gone international.

    Wonderful movie choice, though. We were initially excited about it because of Gary Oldman (though we like Denzel very much). Sharp twist at the end.

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