It’s a bob – a woolly bob!

Let’s have a look at my new hair style…

Way back in September Sean Teirnan blogged about a knitted alternative to the traditional wig.  I fully intended to knit one in bright orange for Halloween, but could I get bright orange aran (worsted weight) wool locally – well, obviously not.

However having just finished something in some aran (worsted weight) wool I’d forgotten I had, and having some left over, I remembered this pattern last night and decided to give it a whirl.

I even learned a new technique for a three needle cast (bind) off – instead of using a third dpn use a crochet hook it really makes it so much easier.

Now as mentioned previously B is not exactly David Bailey add to that the new camera and the teething problems we seem to be having and well, unfortunately, the above was the best of a bad bunch, many of which the camera seemed to take itself.

And here is what Bud thought about my new style…

6 responses to “It’s a bob – a woolly bob!

  1. PMSL. I’ll think of something better tomorrow. x

  2. was the haircut you did really that bad 😉 x

  3. Looks like Buddy is about to become an un-Buddy by attacking the unknown creature with the adorable bob! I think it could be the beginning of a new style for the hairless who want to stay warm and be stylish too….

  4. PS – the camera only needed to have the flash part operational so you weren’t operating on available light…

  5. OK it’s the morning and I’m feeling much more sensible. I can see the advantages of your knitted bob over a real bob in it’s ability to keep the back of your neck warm. One to wash and one to wear would save so much time in the morning, especially if like me you have no washing facilities. Well done. I can see another prize in your village show next Summer.

  6. Hmmm – that hat has real possibilities in a rainbow stripe…! ; )

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