Buddy the Logger

This morning on our walk I started thinking about the garden.  Okay what I initially thought was ‘It’s a frosty morning, the conditions are ideal to poop scoop.’

We have a big pile of branches at the bottom of what we refer to affectionately as ‘the garden’ which happened after chopping a load of stuff down and reading about wood piles attracting insects and therefore wildlife.  So we ended up with a painstakingly balanced completely unattractive pile of wood behind the greenhouse under a conifer.  I once attempted to relocate wildlife in the form of a toad from the large bag of sand it had decided to squat in to this new state of the ark accommodation.  The following day it had managed to hop back down 97 feet of garden to the bag of sand!

So with the view that this is the year that we will have a garden rather than a ‘garden’ I thought what a good idea it would be to move just one bit of wood every day after our morning walk into the green waste bin.  The first one I came to was a tad large but I thought hey, I can just drag it down the garden if carrying it causes me any problems.  What I didn’t allow for was weight of the 20kg of small furry animal that attached himself to it.

Bud decided this was the best toy EVERRRRRRRRRR (the kitchen door frame in raw form) and attempted to wrestle it from me all the way down the garden. Well, not all the way I abandoned it 10 feet from the back door and had to beckon him into the garage when he picked it up to parade it round the garden as the branch had more interesting substances than a drug dealer’s pocket.  Lichen, fungi – any one of which could have been the doggie equivalent of a magic mushroom.

Now I have tried in the past to take on big jobs on a bit at a time basis, if I do an hour on this or half an hour on that every day it will be done in no time, and it never, ever works.  There’s generally a reason why whatever it is isn’t done – I don’t want to do it, so attempting to do it EVERY DAY just doesn’t pan out.

I wonder if I could train Bud to drag the branches down the garden without eating any of them?  Maybe if I started to train him after our morning walk tomorrow and spent a little time every day doing it…



6 responses to “Buddy the Logger

  1. Toni likes a nice bit of conifer when she can get it. Nice soft wood that tastes of cypress oil.

  2. Good luck on this effort…. there has to be some reward for him getting it from one place to the other and it sounds like these are too big for you to throw and then run to the other end to receive it from Buddy… if I come up with any bright ideas I’ll be sure to pass them on!

  3. Hehe I just realised the link between the title and poop scooping. ;D

  4. Our dear, departed Jessie did the exact thing. Any time I would try to clean up branches in the yard, she would play with every single one I picked up. There HAS to be a money-making future in this.

  5. Excellent work! I cannot even get our cat to come when he is called. All I get is a look of disdain. Happy New Year, btw, I hope your 2011 is going well so far! Cheers, J

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