Safe Texting

There seems to have been a lot in the press over here this year about celebs sending inappropriate texts.  Generally from a guy to some young totty.  Well I now appreciate that these may not be as risqué as they seem and indeed may well have been deemed inappropriate because they have been taken out of context!

Why only the other week when we has a slight dusting with snow overnight on a Monday I received a text on the Tuesday morning from the retired vicar I take to yoga enquiring as to whether I was prepared to risk the trip.  I texted back…

I’m game if you are.

I received a response…

Who could refuse an offer like that.

All perfectly innocent!  Mind you, let’s just hope his phone doesn’t end up in the hands of the Bishop before it’s been deleted!





2 responses to “Safe Texting

  1. I got a text recently that had a joke with a picture that showed part of a woman’s naked body. I don’t partake in that kinda stuff especially when you have a young child who knows how to use your computer and phone better than you. Having recently given out my cell # to quite a few parties that inquired about our apartments for rent, I jumped to the conclusion that it may be from someone we had turned down or whatever. I did not recognize the phone # but called back and told the jerk I was going to call the cops with his phone number. It turned out to be my ex brother-in-law. He felt horrible and apologized. I felt bad too. I guess I have to lighten up a bit.

  2. ANYTHING can be taken out of context and cause difficulties but imagine the challenges when trying to convey an idea in a foreign language? My father, years ago, married an Austrian. At their reception he was trying to be ‘oh so gracious´ by saying in German, ‘I kiss your hand, madam.´ But the phrase is dependent upon the proper accent on the A so it comes out HAAND, not HUND, which means dog and when used in the phraseology he was using, it was an horrible insult… something similar to Kiss My A–. Or I am kissing yours… anyhow, everyone was pretty nice about the American trying so hard to speak German and made a big joke about it… but in a less tolerant group he could have been in serious trouble. Willie S. said it best, ‘a rose by any other name…

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