Buddy Antlers

I think we all knew that getting Buddy into the antlers I’d bought wasn’t going to be a piece of Christmas Cake however if I’d have thought on I should have popped them on him when he’d disappeared into the bedroom the other night and made himself comfy…

however I didn’t – so armed with the antlers, the camera and a large handful of dog biscuits we made the attempt last night.  Needless to say our photos won’t be as elegantly posed as the ones of Toni, but here they are…


And the final straw, I mean, shot…

‘Just give me the biscuit and take off the antlers and everybody can

Have a Whoofly Christmas

and that includes all of you!’


5 responses to “Buddy Antlers

  1. Good job you had the biscuits…… looks very up close and dangerous to me…lol. Merry Christmas to you,B and Buddy xxxx

  2. Haha! Great photos! That reminds me: I haven’t yet tried putting my Santa hat on Pinga! Must go do that now…
    Merry Xmas, Paula!!! And thanks for YOUKNOWWHAT! 🙂 Hugs!

  3. hahaha! hahaha! I don’t know why they don’t like that stuff on thier heads…..bentley barely let me get a snap of the santa hat….lol..

    Merry Christmas….

  4. Fabulous!! Couldn’t be better!! Best wish I’ve yet had.

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