Christmas Trees & Doggie Pees

Not long after we got Bud I joined a doggie website or he did, I’m not too sure which, and I get the occasional email with hints and tips, some of which are quite interesting/informative.

Today I had one through regarding dogs peeing on Christmas trees and how to avoid this.  Oh, I thought, this could come in handy iminently.

So I started off reading it, about 10 tips in all, I got to about number five and I realised that I don’t think we will have an issue with Buddy and this particular problem.  Our tree, although undecorated, has been standing nearly in the middle of the living room, so it’s not easily unavoided, since Sunday and Bud has expressed no interest in it whatsoever.  It could be that it’s because it’s artificial – I’m not sure – I just know that Bud’s not bothered with it – other than giving us a funny look from the settee where he was lying when we put it up.

Anyhoo, perhaps in order to appear the font of all knowledge on avoiding doggie pee on the tree I carried on reading.  This was the last idea…

“Consider use of a belly band – Belly bands are snug fitting fabric bands which are wrapped around a dog’s lower torso.  They are fitted with absorbent pads so that if your dog does mark, the liquid will be absorbed by the pad and not the beautiful, pristine white  beard of your favorite pirate Santa ornament.  You can make belly bands or purchase them online.  A google search for “dog belly band” should bring up all the information you need.  Belly bands are certainly management tools more than anything, they will not train your dog to avoid peeing on the tree but they will ensure that if management slips up, your tree remains pristine.”

I think they would work because they will be too busy trying to get the thing off to pee anywhere!

Go on, google it, you know you want to, I did, I wished I hadn’t, but I had!  I tell you what if that was the only way to avoid a pee-ie tree I’d do without the tree. There’s more chance of me putting Bud in antlers than one of those. Speaking of which look what I got at the weekend…

Now where’s the staple gun?


4 responses to “Christmas Trees & Doggie Pees

  1. You know we all want to see Buddy in those antlers – go for it!

  2. I’ve just learned more about Christmas with a dog than I wanted to! We had dogs over the years and many trees and this was NEVER even a consideration. It sounds like the pee-packers threw out this batch of spaghetti to see if it will stick to the wall…. Yikes!

  3. We put our tree up last night. I never thought I would have a problem with my “non-leg- lifter” anyway but just for effect, she peed the floor for the first time in weeks. Hope she’s got that all out of her system now. Our problem is she was walking under it and eating the pine needles so this morning we are probably in for a pine needle filled yak. Hopefully she gets that out of her system and thinks twice about eating more but somehow I doubt it.

  4. @Denise. Would you believe that our “non-leg lifter” watched a “leg-lifter” in the park and will now on occasion lift her leg any way.

    Paula, I have a staple gun, but I’m currently using it to attach the curtains to the wall as I don’t have time to put the tracks back up.

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