Flakey Jingle Bells

And yet more Christmas presents are coming out of my elf workshop, or should that be elfing sweat shop?

And yes those are different reindeer and Santas and not just because they are on different backgrounds and I gave the bottom one out today and realised later that I’d forgotten to add the bells to the reindeer – Doh!

Jingle Bells

The Flakes

There were two lots of snowmen but I forget to take a picture of the first ones and they now have a new home.  I made the second ones for a back up present while I was on a roll.

I got the pattern from a shop that has now closed but the pattern designer is Sweet Dreams.

It didn’t take too long as I happened to have a box of decapitated heads in the back of the wardrobe.

Some people have snowy worlds with talking lions I have snowmen and reindeer heads – it looks like a crafting massacre!

Made – 9/29* with 10 days to go (*  Yes I realised I needed another one!)

Panic level – 3/10

6 responses to “Flakey Jingle Bells

  1. OMG! I just love these..that santa one and the reindeers….to cute. and to already have the heads done…what a added bonus too….hehehe! wish I had stuff like that in my back stash..

    they are both very cute.

  2. Very nice …

    But the idea of having a box of decapitated heads in the back of the wardrobe is slightly disturbing!

  3. Very Cute Indeed!
    I Must just mention that my wonderful Man was looking at your lovely Angels just towards the end – he SO loved them. I hope you don’t mind but I have shared them – one has gone to our Grandson Manu (10 years) and one has gone to our neice Ellie( 27) as a little keepsake ( they are both close) they are to put them on their Christmas trees every year in memory of their Uncle and Grandpa and to keep them ‘bonded’ together over the years – a little promise Hamada wanted, as he loved them so. Blessings dear Paula x

  4. Glad the Panic Level is still low. I know if I found a Box of Decapitation in our house, my panic level would go all the way to 11!

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