Disco Buddy

I’ve heard that tiredness or even grogginess can follow on from Zometa infusions.  After the first one I popped on my jim jams (when we got home of course) and had a kip, after the second I popped on my jim jams and had a kip but only about 17:30, after the third one I popped on my jim jams even though I then didn’t need a kip!  Yesterday I wondered why I was so tired that I just wanted, and did briefly curl up on my friend’s settee when we got back and then I realised that our itinerary was as follows…

10:15 – Left home to get the train to Liverpool after walking Buddy

11:30 – Walked to the hospital to arrive at 12:00 for appointment

14:00 – Left the hospital (after coffee and eccles cake – or as my Grandma use to call it fly pie)

17:30 Had pasta following walking round shops (Zizzi’s very nice waiter and the food was really good too)

19:01 Get train home following more shopping

19:50ish – Arrive back desperate for a cup of tea

and thought even without the Zometa all that shopping can take a toll.

I am still a tad forgetful, certainly still way more so than before my SCT, which resulted in a trip to town today to get the one thing B had asked me to pick up yesterday.

We were only away a couple of hours tops and left Buddy in the garage.  We returned home to find that Buddy had demolished the cardboard recycling cardboard box, moved one of B’s Solomon walking shoes off the drawers (I managed to replace this before B noticed) and obtained from the table the Chinese takeaway plastic container that held the last bit of the glitter paint I’d used on the bathroom ceiling.  This was in about five parts with a little pool of glittering glitterness on the floor.

We were discussing what to do as we hadn’t left Bud with a bone when I noticed this…

Obviously the Deep Heat is still working on the lower bit!

B went bananas and Bud was escorted into the garden and I put the new pet flap ‘security shield’ in place while we cleared up.  Bud then shortly after made a dramatic reappearance through the ‘security shield’!

B went BERSERK this time.  I’d only ever seen him like this once before about 19 years ago and that was at me – he’s never done it since!

After it all had settled back down Bud was lying on the landing and rolled over as I approached him so I could tickle his tummy.  Something caught my eye (not literally) in the area where, to quote the vet’s receptionist, you can tell Bud is ‘obviously a boy’.  Let’s just put it this way – if we have a disco over Christmas we don’t need to purchase a glitter ball and what takes the biscuit is that you can’t see the glitter on the bathroom ceiling.




6 responses to “Disco Buddy

  1. Have you thought of sticking Buddy to the bathroom ceiling?

    I reckon B was just jealous, what with Mike’s parrot hair and Buddy’s glitter balls it must be tough on him. ;D

  2. Awww man! Can you get a “kennel” for those occasional trips out?

    On another note, how often are you getting your Z infusions? Dave was every 8 weeks and now every 6 weeks.

    • Hi Lori – I get that every four weeks at the moment. Before I was on Bonefos (sodium clodronate) – I don’t think that’s standard issue in your neck of the woods. 😀

  3. Well, your glitterball story certainly beats my finding Pinga (=my youngest kitty) playing with a broken ornament yesterday morning (=the Xmas tree crashed to the floor…again…And this time a couple of ornaments broke. Now we have secured it…or so we think!). Anyway, she had a broken bit in her MOUTH when I caught her. Luckily, she spit it out. Eeek. Silly girl. But…no glitter on her…anywhere! 😉

  4. I don’t wonder than you are jumping in your jim jams and having a kip with all that you, including the Buddy challenges… I think I need to find mine after reading about it all!

  5. Apparently the modem I am using is skipping words and changing letters to make it easier to transmit them from South America… should have read ” I don’t wonder that you are jumping in your jim jams and having a kip with all that you do, including the events that Buddy challenges you with… I think I need to find mine after reading about it all!” But thanks also for reminding me that puppies do test your patience…

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