There’s something fishy going on!

I remember that I MAY have decided for some reason that now is unrememberable to commit to a Handmade Holiday this year!

I have as it turns out 28 presents  presents to buy, oh wait I mean MAKE and I have 17 days in which to do it – and that’s not including 50+ cards.  But as per the well known book and Lorna’s blog I’m not panic-ing!  (I have just met Slartibartfast in said book – it’s slow going because I don’t know if I’ve said but I have 28 presents to MAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEE!)

It’s not as bad as it looks as 11 of the presents are for pets. So anyhoo I have extracted my digit and this is what I’ve done so far…

The pattern was from the aptly named Fishbone Crochet Pattern from Stripeyblue.  They are fun and quite quick.  Obviously since people who will be getting gifts from us (that’s B, Buddy and I – Buddy probably being potentially more help than B) I can’t say who is getting what – however I wonder if the mother in law would like a crochet fish bone?

So the current Handmade Holiday stats are

Made – 5/28 with 17 days to go!

And here just because I think it’s lovely, is the view out the front of our house this morning…

5 responses to “There’s something fishy going on!

  1. Good luck!

    Not sure about the MIL and a crocheted fish bone … unless you’re very, very far away when she opens her present!! I know exactly what mine would say – it’s almost worth it!!

  2. The fish bones are darling. I wish I could magically sit by your side and get some free lessons!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful view. Where I live, all you have is views of houses
    30 to 50 feet away from you. And cars and more cars. Around here, we’ve “paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”

  4. those fishes are just adorable… my dogs give gifts to thier friends too….one year they gave embroidery beach towels that said his magisty or her heiness….they were so cute…this year working on quitled doggie blankets

    happy holidays…

  5. Oh, that is spectacularly lovely. THAT should be your holiday card.

    The fish are wonderful. One of our cats is over my shoulder as I read this morning, and his interest certainly peaked at seeing them!

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